Are You Obsessed With Losing Weight? Here are the Signs


It’s perfectly normal for someone who is overweight or obese to want to have healthy eating habits and regular exercise in order to make those unwanted pounds go away.

However, there can be a problem if an individual becomes too preoccupied with losing weight. That’s because it’s something that can lead to a host of other issues, such as losing focus on more important life matters and having an eating disorder which can be a life-threatening problem.

Just like what the old adage says, even too much of a good thing is bad, and that includes your attempt to ditch those excess pounds. And it is not just wellbeing that is placed on the line, but also your career and relationships — so it’s your entire life that is at risk, basically.

So how can you tell whether your desire to shed off extra poundage is still within the healthy range or already on the compulsive side of the fence? Here are some of the signs:

You Step on the Bathroom Scale All the Time

Do you weigh yourself before and after you eat your lunch, drink a glass of water, step on the treadmill or use the toilet? Chances are you are hooked on losing weight. According to experts, it’s a good idea to weigh yourself once per week only, each one taken at the same time of the day. Your weight tends to fluctuate every hour and every day, so stepping on the bathroom scale all the time won’t really give you the whole picture.

You Constantly Think About What You’re Going to Eat

People who are obsessed with losing weight tend to count each and every single calorie they consume, while those who are more concerned with getting fit and healthy are simply happy to know that they are making smart food choices. If your first thoughts in the morning are which low-calorie foods you are going to have throughout the day and your last thoughts at night are which low-calorie foods you are going to have the following day, then there is a problem.

You Have Tried Every Possible Fad Diet Out There

It’s quite evident that you are addicted to losing weight if you subscribe to each and every fad diet that you stumble upon. Someone who has an unhealthy perception of weight reduction tends to try one diet, and then moves on to the next one if results do not show up. Since there is not one fad diet out there that actually works, according to fitness experts, the individual keeps on trying one dieting strategy after the other, but to no avail.

You Devote Your Free Time to Checking Out Weight Loss Stuff Online

Currently, there are tons of articles and videos in cyberspace that cater to people who like to lose weight, but not all of them come from reputable sources. It is apparent that you are obsessed with getting rid of excess pounds if your free times are spent looking at weight loss-related posts on the web, in hope that you will stumble upon something that claims to be the ultimate effortless weight loss solution that you haven’t tried yet in the past.

You are Overcritical of Someone Else’s Weight or Figure

People who are obsessed with their weight not only assess their own body or shape, but also those of others. You have a serious problem that needs to be addressed if you often have thoughts such as “she’s bigger than me, so she must stuff her face with sweets” or “she’s so skinny, so she must be trying too hard to stay away from food”. Usually, it all boils down to failure to accept yourself, so you end up being a faultfinder.