LifestyleAustralia's Quick Fixes to Remove Spider at Home

Australia’s Quick Fixes to Remove Spider at Home

Spiders are not exactly dangerous to have around the house as they simply cast their webs to capture flies, insects, and other creatures and leaving you well enough alone. But sometimes, there are some spiders that can scare the living daylights of you and your kids with their massive size and the potential danger that they bring to your household. Australians are very much aware of this problem and have actually come up with several ways in which they can combat the appearance of these critters at home. If you want to get rid of the spiders in your home, these tips and tricks are worth trying out.

Black pepper

If you are looking for a natural way to remove spiders in your home, black peppers are quite useful. It appears that spiders tend to be irritated with the smell of the pepper so they run away. To create this solution, simply mix 2 teaspoons of black pepper powder into 3 cups of water. Transfer it to a spray bottle then shake it well. Spray the solution on spiders and other insects. Cover your eyes to prevent irritation.


If you are feeling brave, then the tapping method can help you transfer the spider from your home to the outdoors. You will need a dustpan for this so that you won’t have to touch the spider yourself. Then again, there is a risk that the spider jumps on you but tapping on the other side of the dustpan will prevent the spider from moving.


Another method that can help remove those pesky spiders in your home is cinnamon. Sprinkling this spice around your house can actually prevent the insects from gathering because its scent is irritating to them. You can also make a cinnamon solution by mixing some cinnamon powder with water then spray on areas where spiders tend to appear. You will find that this solution will repel spiders in no time.

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Citrus peels

What else can you do to stop the spiders from entering your house or making them go away? Well, it appears that citrus peels are highly recommended because of the smell. The chemical compound of citrus peels irritates the spiders which is why they tend to leave the place.

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Lavender oil

Another possible remedy to use to get rid of those pesky spiders in your home is lavender oil. One reason behind this is that the smell of lavender is too strong for the spiders which is why they tend to leave. Even rodents like the smell of lavender. If you want to use this remedy, just add a few drops of the oil in a flower vase that is filled with water. You can also add a few drops of the oil in cotton balls and place them in areas where spiders and rodents frequent.

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