Mom and Baby Workouts to Banish Pregnancy Fat

Losing your pregnancy weight may sound tough at first but there are ways in which you can torch some serious fats to reveal that sexy figure. The good news is that you don’t even have to leave home to give your body the exercise it needs especially when your baby is still small. What’s even better is that you can even let your baby join in your workouts to add more challenge to your muscles. Are you up to some serious workouts with your bundle of joy? Here are some exercises that you can try out.


  • Dancing. One of the easiest ways for you to get your metabolism up and running is to dance. You can carry your baby with you as you do some slow dance or even the more upbeat songs that you love. Just make sure that your baby’s head is properly supported and that you don’t jolt him too much or swing or turn rapidly. You can always place your baby in his bouncy chair as you dance around him. Be sure to keep eye contact with your baby as you dance with big movements around him.
  • Tush tightener. Lie down on the floor on your stomach in front of your baby. Bend your knees so that your feet are facing upward. Fold your arms in front of you and rest your chin on your hands. While keeping your feet flexed, raise your knees upward slowly. Squeeze your legs together to make it easier for you to lift your feet. Hold this pose for 20 seconds while making faces or singing to your baby. Go back to your first position and repeat.
  • Curl ups. Lie down on the floor on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your baby on your pubic bone and make sure that you held him tightly with your hands to avoid him toppling over or sideways. Engage your core as you slowly lift your shoulders and back off the floor to perform a curl. Hold this pose for a few seconds then go back to your first position. Do this 10 to 12 times.
  • Front-carrier squats. Strap your little one into a carrier and carry him facing forward. Stand straight with your feet at hip-width apart. Hold the carrier for added support. While keeping your back straight, bend at the knees to lower yourself into a squat. Make sure that your knees don’t go beyond your toes. Push yourself back up and repeat. If your baby is heavy, place him a few feet away from you with him facing you as you perform squats.

As you can see, working out after a few months after giving birth can be done even when you’re stuck at home. These exercises are actually fun to do because you can get to bond with your little one at the same time too. With a little bit of creativity on your part, you will be able to do the same exercises you’ve done before with your baby to give you an added motivation.




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