Essential Oils to Alleviate Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can be a source of discomfort for most of us, especially when it is caused by chronic condition. Although there are medications that can alleviate the pain, some don’t usually find relief from them which can be unnerving at times. It is understandable that you will be looking for an alternative for this, so why not try essential oils to deal with your nerve pain? Here are a few options that you might want to try out.


This essential oil is known to contain mild sedative, anti-inflammatory, as well as antispasmodic properties that can reduce nerve pain. Not only that, but it can also help with rebuilding the cells in the injured nerves in order for them to regenerate. You can use this essential oil if the nerve pain that is caused by a burn.


Peppermint comes with antispasmodic properties that can alleviate the pain that is emanating from your nerves. It also has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-fungal properties that can reduce any tension as well as pain happening in your muscles and nerves. You can use this too if you are suffering from arthritis.


This all-around healer is actually a good option if you are dealing with nerve pain because it comes with antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, as well as analgesic properties. If you want to boost its effectiveness, you might want to mix it with rosemary and sage essential oils.


Basil may be good for adding that extra flavor to your food, but did you know that it is also effective in reducing the pain in your nerves? This is due to the fact that basil essential oil comes with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and antiviral properties that can provide you relief from nerve pain.


If you have some ginger essential oil stored away then you are in luck, because the antispasmoic, anti-inflammatory, as well as analgesic properties of ginger are quite effective in banishing nerve pain. Although it can be used on its own, it would be better to mix it up with other essential oils to get the best effect.

These are just a few examples of essential oils that can help you fight off nerve pain. Not only are they safe to use, but they can also be mixed and matched too to help deliver the best results. Massaging the oil on the affected area may help lessen the throbbing pain that you are feeling.

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