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Medicinal Perks Offered by Self-Heal

The name of self-heal alone is enough for everyone to know that it’s no ordinary herb. For centuries now, it is used by folk healers in dealing with anything from a sore throat to high blood pressure. It may be considered as a weed but, as you read this article, you will learn just how valuable this plant is!

It is said that self-heal originated in Europe, but now it can be found in so many places across the globe where the climate and soil conditions are favorable to it.

You can spot it thriving just about anywhere you look, from roadsides to vacant lots. It can grow without any problem in both moist and dry soils, and it doesn’t matter to it if it gets enough direct sunlight or only very little of it. Prunella, all-heal, wound root, Hercules, blue curls — these are some of the other names of self-heal.

The leaves of self-heal are shaped like a lance, and they can grow up to almost 3 inches in length. In between April to June, the herb bears clusters of flowers that are blue or violet in color, and butterflies and bees are attracted to them. Those lovely blooms, eventually, turn into smooth-skinned fruits that are egg-shaped.

Now that we’re done with a quick background checking of self-heal, let’s take a look at its medicinal benefits:

It Promotes Wound Healing

Self-heal has both astringent and antimicrobial properties. It’s because of those properties why it is capable of speeding up the healing of minor wounds.

It Relieves Mouth Ulcers

Gargling with a decoction out of the various aerial parts of self-heal makes for an excellent solution for mouth ulcers. Not only will this help relieve pain and discomfort, but also speed up the healing process.

It Alleviates Irritated Throat

You may also go for the same solution if you are having a bout of sore throat — self-heal has the impressive ability to soothe irritation, allowing you to attain relief from the prickly sensation.

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It Tames Allergies

Traditional healers say that self-heal is beneficial for individuals who suffer from allergies. That’s because it is capable of regulating the immune system, keeping it from reacting excessively to allergens.

It Also Heals Respiratory Infections

Self-heal is also commonly employed for the treatment of various infections of the upper respiratory tract. Taking it in tea form is known to fight off the likes of the common cold and flu.

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It Speeds Up UTI Healing

Thanks to the diuretic properties of self-heal, this herb can be used for treating a urinary tract infection (UTI) naturally by flushing out bacteria by means of the urine.

It Lowers Blood Pressure, Too

Because of the ability of the plant to increase urination, it may sometimes be used for dealing with high blood pressure or hypertension. Ultimately, this helps to lower risk of heart disease.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to use self-heal or any other herb for therapeutic purposes without the supervision of a trained herbalist. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or diagnosed with a medical condition, always ask your doctor if it’s perfectly fine for you to rely on herbs to attain healing.

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