Knee Strengthening Exercises

Our knees help carry the weight of our body when we are upright and we use them too as we bend, walk, run, and the like. With the amount of weight that they carry and the work that they do every day, it is not really surprising when we feel a slight twinge of pain from time to time. In the more severe cases, swelling and blinding pain can emanate from our knees. If you want to avoid skipping work or school because of a bad knee, it is only right that you do your part to strengthen them. Fortunately, there are exercises that you can do to help make your knees stronger.

Ankle band distractions. Loop one end of your resistance band on a sturdy pole or chair with the other around one ankle. Go into a staggard stance where the banded leg is in front of the other. Inch slowly forward until there is tension in the band. Afterwards, drive your knee forward as comfortably as you can. The banded foot should remain firmly on the floor. You can rotate your banded ankle while driving your knee forward and backward. Repeat the same steps with the other leg.

Standing hamstring curls. Stand behind a sturdy chair with your hand placed at the back rest. Keep your back and hips straight as you stand. Without moving any other part of your body, bend your right knee to bring your right heel up and towards your buttock. Bring your leg back down to complete one rep. You should do 10 to 15 reps before switching to the other leg.

Hamstring flossing. Get a lacrosse or tennis ball and a sturdy ledge or box with height as high as your mid-thigh. Sit on the box or ledge and place the ball under your leg. Extend and bend your knee to roll the ball back and forth under your hamstrings to give the muscles a nice massage. You should repeat your movements as many times as you can in one minute then switch to the other leg and repeat.

Quad sets. This exercise is quite simple to do. To start, you just need to sit on the floor with your legs extended before you and your knees completely straight. You can lean against a wall if you like or lie back on your hands. Concentrate on contracting your quadriceps as tight and as long as you can. Relax your quads and repeat. You should do this 10 times to help improve the blood circulation in this area to reduce the pain in your knees while strengthening the muscles around them.

These knee exercises are guaranteed to help improve your knee strength while toning the muscles surrounding them. It’s not just about making sure that your knees are in working order but you also need to pay attention to the muscles that prevent your knees from buckling under you especially when you carry heavy weights. By constantly training your leg muscles and your knees, you won’t have to worry about knee pain at all.







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