How to Make Rice Coffee (And Reasons to Drink It, Too)

Have you read about rice coffee somewhere on the internet? If you are interested to know more about it, such as how you can brew a cup of it at home and what sort of benefits you can get from consuming it, continue reading. Below you will learn about making rice coffee from scratch and the reasons for you to drink it.

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Just like what the name suggests, rice coffee is a substitute for coffee that’s out of rice. And like coffee beans, rice grains have to be roasted in order for them to be able to produce a beverage that’s bold and stimulating when brewed in hot water. But unlike roasted coffee beans, roasted rice grains are a lot cheaper.

In addition, you can easily roast rice grains in your very own kitchen. No, there is really no need for you to get your hands on some expensive special tools as all you will need for the job is a flat-bottomed frying pan and a stove.

To enjoy your very first cup of rice coffee, here are the very simple steps you should follow:

On a stovetop, heat a frying pan over low heat. 

Once already hot, place some uncooked rice grains in the frying pan. It’s up to you which rice grains you wish to go for. Anything that’s within your easy reach will do. 

Keep on stirring the rice grains for an even roasting. 

Once the rice grains are deep brown in color, immediately switch off the stove. Do not wait for the rice grains to turn black if you don’t want the resulting rice coffee to taste like charcoal. 

Transfer roasted rice grains in an airtight container. 

To brew a cup of rice grains, simply place a teaspoon of your roasted rice grains in a cup. 

Carefully, pour boiling water into the cup. 

Allow the roasted rice grains to steep in boiling water for a few minutes. 

Give it a quick stir and allow roasted rice grains to settle to the bottom of the cup. 

Drink. Feel free to sweeten your cup of rice coffee with honey or maple syrup.

That’s it — you just made your very first cup of rice coffee. The next time you brew another cup, experiment with how much roasted rice grains you should use for you to enjoy rice coffee that perfectly suits your taste.

Rice coffee is getting more and more popular because of the various health perks it offers. Some of the most noteworthy of the bunch include:

It is free of caffeine

Do you often end up with heart palpitations, lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea and anxiety after having a cup of coffee? Consider switching to rice coffee because it contains no caffeine.

It won’t cause insomnia

Since rice coffee has absolutely no caffeine, it won’t leave you wide awake at night. Go ahead and brew yourself a cup of rice coffee just before you hit the hay.

It helps you lose weight

Many report that rice coffee possesses appetite suppressing properties. And since it is very low in calories and has no saturated fat, consuming it may help you shed off excess pounds.

It has antioxidants

Every cup of rice coffee supplies your body with antioxidants, and antioxidants are known to offer a lot of perks, from slowing down aging, reducing inflammation to warding off cancer.

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