Tips on Reducing Veins on the Feet

Feeling frustrated when heading out because the veins on your feet are taking the spotlight away from your gorgeous pumps? You can step foot in the office of a cosmetic surgeon to have those unsightly veins removed, but you can be sure that it’s not going to be cheap. Or you can read on to know some effective tips on reducing those.

Having thin skin and very little fat are some of the most common reasons why the veins on the feet tend to be more noticeable compared to veins elsewhere on the body. Individuals who have fair skin also often whine of unsightly veins on their feet — their complexion is the one to blame for such.

The appearance or worsening of veins on the feet is something that cannot be avoided because it is also oftentimes due to the process of aging. So until an inventor comes up with a device that can bring the hands of time to a halt, having tons and tons of veins on the feet is a problem that all of us are doomed to face one day.

While there are cosmetic procedures for improving those veins on the feet available these days, it’s also possible to have them dealt with through some all natural means. They may not be able to deliver dramatic changes all right, but usually they are enough for mild to moderate cases of visible veins on the feet.

So without any more ado, let’s check out some of the simple tips on reducing those veins on the feet:

Elevate Your Legs

When given the opportunity to prop your legs up on a couple of pillows, grab it. Elevating your legs is an effective way of reducing those veins on your feet because it keeps blood from pooling in them, causing them to become larger than they’re supposed to be. Each time you do it, ensure that your feet are higher than heart level.

Avoid Standing a Lot

Being on your feet for extended periods of time can cause blood to collect in your lower extremities, and this can easily spell disaster if you have lots of veins on your feet. To reduce the appearance of those veins on your feet, sit down for a while. It’s much better if you can also carry out the first tip in this article while seated.

Give Your Feet a Massage

Especially at the end of a tiring day, it’s a wonderful idea to give your feet a self-massage. Not only will this help relieve your stress and relax the muscles of the feet, but also improve circulation, which can help reduce those veins. Use massage oil that contains ginger, eucalyptus, black pepper or cumin as they help boost circulation.

Opt for a Fake Tan

Earlier, it was mentioned that having fair skin can be blamed for those highly noticeable veins on the feet. If you have a very light complexion, what you could do is get a fake tan. You can do this by hitting the local fake tanning salon, or simply get your hands on a fake tan spray, lotion, cream or foam which you may use at home.

Ditch Cigarette Smoking

Last but certainly not least, you should quit smoking if ever you are a smoker. There are so many unfavorable effects that smoking has on the body, two of which are damage to the blood vessels and accelerated skin aging. With the blood vessels in poor condition and the skin aged, it’s not unlikely for veins on the feet to become really noticeable.

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