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It’s perfectly normal for your urine to contain a little protein in it, which is something that only a urinalysis (examination of the urine in a laboratory) can detect. However, it’s entirely a different situation if there are lots of protein present in the urine, especially for a long period of time. This is a condition known as “proteinuria”.

According to medical experts, proteinuria is usually an indicator of a problem with the kidneys. Normally, those bean-shaped organs of yours should prevent protein in the blood from escaping your body by means of the urine.

Other than kidney disease, there are a handful of medical conditions that can also cause proteinuria to strike. For instance, it’s not unlikely for people who are suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes to have abnormally high levels of protein in their urine. Obese individuals, too, are very likely to have proteinuria.

Pregnant women are also at risk of having too much protein present in the urine. The same is true for people whose diets consist of lots of foods that have plenty of protein in them, which can leave the kidneys overworked.

Treating the root cause of proteinuria can help in bringing the levels of protein in the urine back to the normal and healthy range. Certain drugs may be prescribed by a doctor to control proteinuria, too. Then there are also some natural ways to manage proteinuria effectively. Some of the ones that are known to work really well are:

Reduction of Sodium Intake

People who are hypertensive most especially can benefit from reducing their daily intake of sodium. It’s for the fact that it will help keep their blood pressures from increasing, thus saving the kidneys from a lot of work that can eventually leave them damaged. So if you have proteinuria, consider limiting your consumption of salty foods.

Consumption of Fish

It’s a wonderful idea for anyone who has proteinuria to make it a habit to consume fish, in particular the kind that’s oily. That’s because healthy fats present are good for the kidneys. The said fats also help control inflammation and promote a healthy heart, resulting in the reduction of the amounts of protein in the urine.

Lowering the Amount of Protein

There is no reason for a person with proteinuria to turn his or her back from protein-containing foods. However, it is very much recommended for the intake of protein to be reduced. Medical experts say that you should opt for good quality protein found in fish and lean white meat cuts as they tend to produce less waste that can harm the kidneys.

Exercising Regularly

Having your regular dose of exercise is one of the smartest steps to take if your urinalysis revealed that the amount of protein in your urine is abnormally high. That’s because exercising can help in strengthening your body and managing all sorts of diseases that can contribute to proteinuria, such as obesity and diabetes.

Keeping the Body Hydrated

Undoubtedly, drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help facilitate the functioning of the kidneys. This step can help flush out toxins present in the bloodstream, thus preventing the kidneys from doing tons of work and winding up damaged. You should also consider limiting your intake of alcoholic beverages and sugary drinks.

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Speaking of sugary drinks, it’s a wonderful idea for anyone who has proteinuria to control the levels of sugar in the blood. It’s for the fact that too much sugar present in the bloodstream can harm the kidneys. People who are diagnosed with diabetes or at risk of the disease most especially should control their blood sugar.

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