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New Eyebrow Trends

If you look at old photographs or magazines, you can tell which year it was taken just by looking at the eyebrows. Each era had a specific eye brow trend. From the early 2000’s thin, dark eyebrows to the Marilyn Monroe manicured brows. We saw different eyebrow trends last year. Particularly the big bushy natural brows that became a huge hit. Well, it seems like this year there are more eye brow trends to try. From the latest eyebrow procedure to the next Avante Garde eyebrow trend. Here are some of the most buzz worthy ones and which caught our eyes on the runway. So, see which one will interest you and try them out for yourself.

The Barely There Brows

We’ve been seeing this look on the runway and magazine a lot. This eyebrow trend is more of a high fashion or dramatic look than for every day. You can create this look by bleaching your eyebrows to very light color that it almost appears invisible. This eyebrow trend looks amazing with dramatic eye makeup. You can replicate this look for a day by using light eyebrow tints or concealers. This is  a great way to tone down everything except for the eyes. If you do decide to bleach your eyebrow, make sure to get it done professionally. Bleach is incredibly harsh and the bleaches you see in stores for your hair are not designed to be used on the eyebrows.

Eyebrow Tinting

This is a somewhat new beauty trend procedure for people that want to get a semi-permanent eyebrow. If you are someone who has very thin or light eyebrows and doesn’t like drawing their eyebrows every day, then this procedure is for you. This is a great option for women that have lost a lot of their hair in their eyebrows and want to get fuller brows without the commitment. This procedure can last for a few months and is a lot more natural looking than tattooed eyebrows. When planning to get this done, be conscious of the shade you choose since you will be wearing it for a few months. Also get if from a trained professional.

Eyebrow Microblading

This is another beauty trend procedure that is a form of tattooing. If you think that eyebrow tinting looks too unnatural and would like something that appears more like hair than shading, then eyebrow microblading is the procedure you need. Unlike tattoos, this form of artistry uses a thin needle and a manual handheld tool for a more precise application. They will draw hair like strokes on the eyebrows to mimic the appearance of natural hair. It is not as deep as a regular tattoo to keep it looking more natural than a drawing, but this also means it is more prone to fading. This is a great procedure for people that have lost a lot of their hair in their eyebrows and want natural looking brows. This can be a painful procedure. Make sure to go to a professional and discuss with the artist on the type of brows you want.

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Crazy Colored

This has been around for a long time, but only has it become a mainstream fad. People are not dying or shading their eyebrows, bright and crazy colors. From sky blue to rainbow colored eyebrows. Anything that is an unnatural color is used on the brows to create a noticeable and creative look. Some of the most popular shades are blues and purples. If you plan to dye your eyebrows, make sure to get it professionally done to prevent burns or irritation.

Glitter Brows

This is a new trend in social media and on the runway. Last year we saw a lot of glitter lip makeup and now, we are in the stage of glitter brows. This a really simple and fun way to play around with your eyebrows. You can use eyelash glue to apply the glitter or find an adhesive product that is specifically used for the eyebrows.

Boyish Brow Sprouts

This is a new trend that makes you look youthful. Instead of brushing the hair in one direction, the hair in the hair near the middle is brushed up to create the boyish sprout look. Pomade is applied after to keep the brows in place. This is a great way to style your brows for a no makeup look.

Whether you want to try something new or curious about the newest beauty trend, here are some fun eye brow trends. A thing you need to remember about eyebrow tinting is that it is not permanent and will fade. However, it is a great procedure if you are willing to shell out some cash and prefer not to draw on your eyebrow every day. Eyebrow microblading give you a more natural look. So, what do you think about these eyebrow trends? Do you think they will catch on? Share your opinion below.

New Eyebrow Trends

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