RemediesHickies Facts and Home Remedies

Hickies Facts and Home Remedies

Hickey is the term used for the bruise or bruise-like marked caused by kissing or sucking of the skin. Also called kiss mark or love bite, it is usually located on the arm or neck.



Hickies are caused by kissing and biting, which may involve sucking of skin. Beneath the skin are blood vessels, which transport blood throughout the body. According to What Is A Hickey, sucking very hard on soft skin may lead to rupture of the capillaries beneath the skin surface. Blood will flow into the surrounding tissue, hence the bruise-like appearance. As per the publication, the blood collection and clotting beneath the skin is usually red initially. Then, it becomes dark purple or brown, since the blood dries out due to lack of oxygen supply.

Hickies have various sizes and these depend on the damage done to the blood vessels under the skin surface. As per the publication, the condition usually lasts for one to two weeks, but it still depends on the severity of the condition and the person who has it. To add, the hickey will heal, similar to other bruise a person gets.


Home Remedies


The following are home remedies one can do to manage hickies.


Cold Compress

Cold compress is one of the ways to treat a hickey. According to Top 10 Home Remedies, using a cold compress constricts ruptured capillaries; thus, it reduces bleeding. As per the publication, the person puts some ice cubes in a paper towel and then lightly presses it against the skin for about 15 minutes for several times a day. Also, the icepack prevents swelling and reduces pain around the affected area. It is vital not to apply the ice directly on the skin, since it may also an iceburn. As an alternative, a spoon is placed in a refrigerator for about ten minutes. Next, the spoon is wrapped in a cloth and is lightly rubbed over the affected skin, until the spoon is no longer cold. The procedure is done for several times, until the hickey disappears.

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Warm Compress

Heat application also acts as a remedy for hickies. According to The Organic Beauty Expert, this method is only used 48 hours following the appearance of the hickey. By this time, the broken capillaries will have healed and the clot will be slowly re-absorbed into the blood stream. The heat application boosts blood flow in the area, promoting the process.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another remedy for hickies. According to Home Remedy Shop, the plant has demostrated efficacy when it comes to skin disorders, and this should not bar hickeys. As per the publication, aloe vera pulp is squeezed out and is applied over the affected area. Then, it is left for at least ten minutes. Along with decreasing the sensitivity of the area with hickey, aloe vera also soothes the skin, which aids in the fast healing of the hickey.


Eye Drops and Haircomb

The application of eye drops on over the hickies also counts as a remedy for the condition. According to Find Home Remedy, doing so helps remove the affected blood capillaries under the skin. Then, the applied eye drops are washed off with cold water after ten minutes. As an alternative, the person may also use a toothbrush or a hair comb and rub then over the hickies for about five minutes. The action will reduce the redness of the skin.

A hickey is similar to a bruise, a form of bleeding; however, bruising should also be considered a form of bleeding, such as in dengue fever. Thus, abnormal bruising, which is not due to a kiss should be addressed to a health professional for proper assessment, planning, and implementation.





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