Fitness Health Perks of Learning to Dance the Merengue

Health Perks of Learning to Dance the Merengue

Do you know what makes zumba so interesting and highly effective for getting rid of unwanted pounds? It’s those fast-paced Latin beats and dance steps! But if you want to take advantage of the weight loss-promoting perks of Latin dancing without leaving you panting afterwards, then it’s a good idea for you to go dancing the merengue!

Originally a folk dance, the merengue is now one of the most popular ballroom dance types around. What’s so nice about it is it’s generally danced to Latin tracks with slow tempos, and the couples dancing it have to take small steps only. In other words, the merengue is not as intense as most other Latin dances that you can think of.

This is the reason why there are so many health benefits that you may enjoy from dancing the merengue. No matter your age or current fitness level, it’s for certain that you will be able to express yourself through this Latin dance, and also take advantage of the various impressive benefits that it has on your physical health and mental wellbeing.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider learning to dance the merengue:

It Strengthens Your Heart

Just because the merengue is a lot slower than the salsa, paso doble, samba or cha cha doesn’t mean that it’s not a good cardiovascular exercise. Actually, it’s very good at strengthening the heart muscles even without causing you to gasp for air and sweat profusely after dancing it for a few minutes.

With your heart strengthened by dancing the merengue, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can be kept in check, thus considerably lowering your risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

It Burns Calories

While it’s true that the merengue involves very small steps only, there are still lots and lots of upper body movements that have to be done. As a result, opting for his slow-paced Latin dance still allows you to burn unwanted calories.

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It Makes the Bones Tough

And speaking of taking very small steps, dancing the merengue is a wonderful way to help lower your osteoporosis risk. It’s for the fact that all the gentle stomping you will have to do causes mild to moderate impact to the joints, which scientists say can help in strengthening the bones.

Females most especially can benefit a lot from the osteoporosis-busting perks of doing the merengue since they are simply more prone to developing the said bone disease than men, according to doctors.

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It Builds Resistance

Finding yourself winded after just a few minutes of grocery shopping, walking your dog or cleaning your house? Then it’s a good idea for you to try resistance-building exercises, and the merengue is one of the best.

Because it’s not that physically demanding, the merengue allows you to increase your staying power slowly but surely. And since it doesn’t leave you feeling exhausted afterwards each time, you will be able to dance it on a regular basis, which is basically the secret to gradually building your resistance.

It Increases Your Confidence

Learning a new skill is something that can definitely boost your self-confidence, which is something that’s good for your mental health. If you are on the hunt for a new skill to learn, consider dancing the merengue. Not only does it help increase your confidence, but also allows you to express your thoughts and emotions.

It Boosts Your Social Skills

Unlike some Latin dances, the merengue is actually a form of social dancing, which means that it enables you to meet new people. And once you win new friends, you get to enjoy a lot of things from a lifted mood to lowered anxiety.

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