Remedies Natural Remedies to Alleviate Eye Strain

Natural Remedies to Alleviate Eye Strain

We rarely consider the health of our eyes during the day and only until our vision becomes blurred and we feel a headache starting up that we think about our eyes. Well, these side effects are not surprising given the work that we are putting eyes through. From the moment that we wake up to the time we get ready for bed, our eyes are doing a lot of work. And if your work involves starting at your computer screens for the entire day, you know you’ll end up with eye strain soon enough. So how will you be able to get relief from this? Here are some natural remedies for you to try.

Rose water

One natural remedy that can help your tired eyes is rose water. Dip a cotton ball in rose water then place it on the affected eye or eyes. Leave it there for 10 minutes then remove. Your eyes will feel better afterwards for sure as this ingredient helps soothe the inflammation and tiredness from your eyes.

Eye massage

Another way for you to reduce eye strain is to give your eyes some gentle massage. Use your fingers to gently massage your closed eyes to help make the blood flow better there. Not only will this reduce puffiness, but it also reduces the tension and strain that you are putting on your eyes. It also stimulates your tear ducts too which protect your eyes from dryness.

Cold compress

If your eyes are becoming tired because of too much work or constant use of computers and smartphones, then a cold compress will be of good use. Get some ice cubes and wrap them in a clean cloth before placing them over your eyes. Leave it there for about 4 minutes before removing. The cold temperature can actually help reduce the tiredness that your eyes are feeling plus they will look fresh too.

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What else can you do to help alleviate the eye strain that you are putting on your eyes? Well, what about palming? This is actually a good remedy to use for tired eyes, particularly when you have been using your computer for hours, watching TV, or reading. The goal of palming is to create a restful place for your eyes. To do this technique, you will need to rub your palms together until you have generated heat. Now bring your palms to your eyes and place them there without pressing against your eyes. Open your eyes and look around. You can do this several times in a day to help your eyes relax.

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