Avocado Leaf Tea: Why You Should Brew and Drink It

Avocados and avocado leaves come from the very same tree, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise why they are both good for you. Just like the pear-shaped fruits themselves, avocado leaves are loaded with an assortment of nutrients that you can take advantage of by turning the said leaves into tea.

If you are into drinking tea, read on. Below you will come across some of the reasons why you should regularly brew and drink avocado leaf tea. After checking out this article, share it on your various social media sites to get everybody you care about introduced to the many perks of consuming this type of healthy beverage, too!

Before we take a look at the benefits — there are so many of them — to enjoy for drinking avocado leaf tea, let’s first learn how to brew a cup of it in the right way:

Thoroughly wash 3 to 4 pieces of fresh avocado leaves. 

Crush and boil in 2 cups of water for about 10 full minutes. 

Allow the tea to go from scorching hot to warm. 

Carefully fish out the leaves with a spoon or a pair of tongs. 

Sweeten using a healthy sweetener like honey, maple syrup or stevia.

Now that you know how to brew avocado leaf tea in your kitchen, it’s now time for us to take a look at some of the things that you can enjoy for drinking 1 to 2 cups of it every single day:

Controlled Diarrhea and Other Digestive Issues

Traditional healers recommend drinking a cup of avocado leaf tea to put diarrhea under control — it has both astringent and antimicrobial properties. Avocado leaf tea is also known to help deal with a number of other problems concerning the digestive system, including excess gas, abdominal bloating and stomachache.

Reduced Kidney Stone Size

Whether your doctor told you that you have kidney stones or you know that you are prone to forming them based on past experiences, you can benefit from having avocado leaf tea daily. According to scientific investigations, there are certain compounds in this beverage that can help in breaking down or shrinking kidney stones.

Lowered Risk of Hypertension and Heart Disease

Avocado leaf tea is known to help prevent high blood pressure. As a result, one’s risk of heart disease can be considerably reduced — high blood pressure is considered as one of the many risk factors for heart disease. So if your blood pressure is always above 120/80 mmHg, consider drinking avocado leaf tea on a regular basis.

Eased Headaches and Other Types of Pain

If you don’t want to take a painkiller for that headache because of the side effects, consider brewing a cup of avocado leaf tea because it’s known to possess superb analgesic properties. Many swear by the effectiveness of this kind of tea against many types of body aches, including those that affect the lower back and knees.

Optimized Levels of Sugar in the Blood

Both diabetics and prediabetics can consider drinking up to 2 cups of avocado leaf tea every single day. Doing so can be advantageous for them because the beverage out of fresh avocado leaves are known to be very good at controlling the levels of sugar in the blood. In other words, it can help prevent hyperglycemia and its complications.

WARNING: Avocado leaf tea, while healthy and beneficial, is not intended to replace the medications or modes of treatment a doctor recommends. If you are planning on using avocado leaf tea for therapeutic purposes, make sure that you inform your doctor about your plan beforehand.

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