Foods to Avoid If You Suffer From Migraine Headaches

Bright lights, loud sounds, strong or unusual smells — these things are well-known migraine headache triggers. Then there are also certain foods that can cause them to strike as well. If you frequently suffer from migraine headaches, perhaps what you put in your mouth is the one to blame. This article will discuss some of the foods that can cause migraine headaches to come into being.

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These hard-to-resist treats are said to be the second most common migraine headache triggers (the first one you will encounter later on in this article) on the face of the planet. It’s for the fact that chocolates contain caffeine, which is a chemical known to induce migraine headaches in a lot of people who suffer from those. There’s also what’s called beta-phenylethylamine in chocolates, and it’s known as a migraine headache trigger, too.

Anything With MSG

Short for monosodium glutamate, MSG is a food additive that is used for enhancing flavor, and it is commonly used in Asian cooking. Even though scientists confirm that MSG is fit for human consumption, it’s something that is linked to migraine headache attacks. According to experts, 10 to 15 percent of individuals with migraine headaches encounter severe attacks after consuming anything that has MSG in it.

Cured Meats

There is an ingredient found in all sorts of cured meats that is scientifically-proven to cause migraine headaches in people who suffer from them, and it’s called nitrate. The said chemical can cause formation of nitric oxide, which is a gas that can cause the blood vessels to dilate or widen — such is what can cause a migraine headache to come into being.

Tyramine-Containing Foods

Various aged foods contain a chemical called tyramine, which is linked by health authorities to migraine headaches. It’s exactly for this reason why those who suffer from migraine headaches are strongly advised against the consumption of aged cheeses like parmesan, feta and blue cheese. Various pickled and fermented foods such as pickles and kimchi are also known to contain lots of migraine headache-inducing tyramine.

Caffeinated Drinks

Experts say that consuming coffee, tea or anything else that has caffeine in it can actually nip an oncoming migraine headache in the bud. However, excessive intake of coffee or any other caffeinated beverage can cause migraine headaches to strike. The same can be said for not having enough caffeine in your system if you are used to drinking lots of coffee, or having caffeine withdrawal because you are trying to cut back on your coffee consumption.

Alcoholic Beverages

Studies have shown that around 25 percent of individuals who suffer from migraine headaches encounter an attack each time they consume beer and red wine. However, it’s not unlikely for you to also end up with a migraine headache after consuming just about any kind of alcohol. Experts say that alcohol can cause migraine headaches to attack because it can cause dehydration due to the fact that it has diuretic properties. And by the way, alcoholic beverages are regarded as the number one triggers of migraine headaches.

Diet Drinks

Are you consuming lots of beverages with zero calories? Then don’t be surprised if it seems like you are encountering migraine headaches a lot. Health authorities say that artificial sweeteners found in drinks catering to weight watchers can cause migraine headaches. Studies have shown that a particular artificial sweetener notorious for such is aspartame.

Do you know of some other foods or beverages that can trigger migraine headaches? Feel free to share them in the comments section below so that others who suffer from migraine headaches on a regular basis may also steer clear of them.

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