Divine Intervention: The Astounding Health Benefits of Thunder God Vine

Even though its name conjures up thoughts of infinite powers and omnipresence, the truth is thunder god vine is not that popular in the western world. However, it’s a completely different story in the orient such as China, Korea and Japan — for hundreds of years now, thunder god vine is used for dealing with so many health conditions.

No matter where you are on the planet, chances are you can come across thunder god vine extract in powdered form. Such is obtained by having the roots of the said plant skinned and processed. Extracts are then dried and pulverized, and are often placed inside capsules or mixed with water for use as a tonic.


Take a look at these amazing health benefits bestowed upon us by thunder god vine:


Controls the Immune System

One of the most popular traditional uses of thunder god vine is for the regulation of the immune system. It is commonly recommended for those who have autoimmune diseases which are characterized by an overactive immune system that attacks the body’s healthy cells. Some examples of autoimmune diseases include multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, pernicious anemia, psoriasis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.


Eases Painful and Inflamed Joints

Speaking of rheumatoid arthritis, a lot of people in numerous places in Asia rely on thunder god vine in managing their stiff, achy and swollen joints. That’s because the herb with the commanding name has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. However, some of today’s studies say that its use for rheumatoid arthritis may cause unfavorable effects, and that’s why thunder god vine has to be used for the said disease only with the supervision of an expert.


Potentially Controls Cancer

Based on experiments conducted on laboratory mice, thunder god is very good at controlling the growth and proliferation of cancer cells. Scientists say that it proves to be promising most especially against ovarian, pancreatic and colorectal cancer. However, thunder god vine is yet to be employed in human trials.


Encourages Loss of Excess Pounds

There are tons of weight loss supplements on the current market, and many of them contain synthetic ingredients that can cause more harm than good. One of the effective solutions to excess pounds from nature, according to numerous researches, is thunder god vine. It encourages the metabolism of fat with the help of the loads of antioxidants present in it. Also, there’s the so-called celastrol in the plant that promotes healthy reduction of weight.


Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Still on celastrol, its very presence in thunder god vine makes the plant beneficial for people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. That’s because celastrol is also very good at reducing insulin resistance. In other words, it means that it encourages the cells to react much better to insulin, thus promoting the transport of sugar molecules in the blood into the cells so that they may be used as energy, resulting in the reduction of blood sugar.


Promotes Temporary Contraception in Males

Most people associate the intake of contraceptives with females. Did you know that one of the traditional uses of thunder god vine is for the promotion of temporary infertility in males? This is exactly the reason why the herb is continuously being studied by experts, in hope of producing oral contraceptives for males in the near future.


Relieves Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease

The ability of thunder god vine to suppress inflammation is what makes a lot of traditional healers count on the herb in managing the symptoms of crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is a condition that’s characterized by the chronic inflammation of the lining of the intestines. Thunder god vine may be employed to control the GI symptoms it brings, which include abdominal pain due to ulcerations, reduced appetite and diarrhea.

Just like when taking any other herb, make sure that you tell your doctor about your plan. It’s also important for you to quit taking thunder god vine if you experience unwanted side effects like headaches, skin rash and diarrhea.






Source: lostinspaceandtime.net

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