Why Fermented Foods Are Good For You?

People nowadays are starting to enjoy kimchi, and other fermented foods, but what makes them interesting? Is it their taste? Their colors? The way they look pretty on your plate? Well, it seems that health conscious individuals know that eating fermented foods not only tastes great, although some may take a while before they get used to it, but they are also loaded with numerous health benefits too.

For those who are wondering why fermented foods are worth adding to your diet, here are a few known benefits associated with it.

Packed with probiotics

It appears that eating fermented foods means that you will get more probiotics being delivered into your system which actually helps regulate your digestive system. Our gut flora needs to have a healthy balanced of good and bad bacteria which is why having probiotics is highly recommended. Aside from keeping your digestion running smoothly, it helps with your bowel health, boost your immunity, and even slow down the onset of diseases.

Longer preservation of food

Did you know that fermenting your food can actually make them last longer? As a matter of fact, you can ferment various foods such as pickles, homemade salsa, even sauerkraut can be made to last for months using the fermentation process. Compared to traditional canning, fermentation can help keep your food last longer without breaking down its nutritional benefits, all thanks to the lacto-fermentation process.

Increase enzymes

Another benefit to eating fermented foods is that it increases the number of enzymes in your body that help break down the food that you are eating to get most of the nutrients that they contain. What this means is that, since your body can easily break down and absorb nutrients, you will not have to rely on supplements any longer.

Makes food safer to eat

Lactic acid tends to appear during the fermentation process which is also known to combat the presence of E.coli in your food. Compared to eating raw vegetables, consuming fermented foods is much safer since there is less bacteria for you to worry about.

Good for your budget

Another plus as to why fermented foods are good for you is the fact that they will not cost you a lot of money, especially when you will be doing the fermentation yourself. Learning how to make kimchi, or Kombucha even can save you some money which means that sticking to a healthy diet shouldn’t be that hard to do and won’t be that expensive either.

Loaded with vitamins and minerals

What else can you get out of eating fermented foods? Well, they are usually loaded with vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C, manganese, and copper, depending on the food that you are eating. What these vitamins and minerals can do for you is to improve your immune system, reduce your cholesterol levels, and even promote healthy digestion too.

Aids in weight loss

It appears that fermented foods can also become part of your weight loss diet. The nutrients that are stored in this type of food are geared toward improving your digestion, which can also benefit your immune system. When your digestion is working properly, it will be able to break down the nutrients from the food that you have eaten, and have your body absorbed them. And when these nutrients reach the different organs in the body, they will be working in tip top shape too.

There are several options for fermented foods that you can try out such as pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut, and even miso too. You can start with these foods first to help you get acquainted with what fermented foods are all about.

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