Best Drinks for Weight Loss

Many people want to lose weight in two reasons. The first reason is to achieve a more aesthetic physique, as evidenced by defined muscles and a lower body fat percentage. the other reason is to prevent conditions like obesity, which is strongly associated with diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and cerebrovascular accident.

Nutrition stands as as one of the components of weight loss, along with physical activity, sleep and rest, and proper mental conditioning. Along with a well-balanced meal, drinks or beverages can also be prepared to promote and facilitated weight loss. The following are some drinks people can prepare.

According to Eat This, organic, 100 percent grass fed milk is one of the drinks that can promote weight loss. As per the publication, originally bred cows are not subject to hormones and antibiotics that conventional cows get. This suggests that the absence of of antibiotics means the same for humans who drink their milk or eat their meat. Also, cows fed with grass have been revealed to have greater levels of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as two to five times more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than their counterparts, the grain and corn. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to be goof for cardiovascular health. on the other hand, CLA has a set of chemicals that offer a broad variety of health benefits, such as immune and inflammatory support, better blood sugar regulation, enhanced bone mass, decreased body fat, lean body mass maintenance, and lowered risk of heart attack.

Watermelon smoothie is one of the flat belly drinks, as per Rodale Wellness. According to the publication, smoothies are a guilt-free approach to hydrate, provided that they do not have sugar mixers. In addition, the choice of watermelon for a smoothie is considered as a “terrific” one, since the fruit has low-calorie base and its high water content makes it a natural hydrator for the the cells of the body. Aside from water, watermelon also has lycopene, which fights cancer, as well as a kind of amino acid called arginine. According to the Journal of Nutrition, arginine is capable of decreasing body fat and increasing muscle mass. Therefore, watermelon is a suitable ingredient for smoothies.

Since the early civilization, tea has been viewed as one of the drinks that promote weight loss, in addition to the promotion of overall health and wellness. As per Prevention, green, oolong, and white tea have effects on body weight. According to the publication, some Dutch researchers revealed that caffeine and catechins, which are natural ingredients of tea, help boost the person’s energy consumption, as well as the calories they burn. In addition, the compounds found in tea allow greater fat oxidation in the body. Other benefits of drinking tea include improved mood, increased attention, and reduced risk for a number of diseases, such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, and cancer, among others.

According to 54 Health, detox water is the latest diet craze to be known in recent years and is viewed as a mere fad. It is believed that this approach to weight loss is “miraculous” for some reasons. For all people who are involved in dieting, the slim down detox water is a key to weight loss. As per the publication, detox, such as the cucumber detox water has diuretic properties, which flushes moisture of excess water from the system of the body. On the other hand, the grapefruit detox water has its own fat-burning enzymes, along with its revitalizing aroma and taste. They only need ten minutes to be prepared and all ingredients are simply mixed together two hours before drinking.

Along with the aforementioned drinks for weight loss, weight reduction is much more effective if regular exercise, adequate rest, and right attitude are integrated.



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