8 Ways to Develop Your Growth Mindset

There are two kinds of mindsets. The first one is the fixed mindset where people believe that their qualities are already fixed and that there is no way they can change them anymore, and the other one is growth mindset where, in this case, people believe that their intelligence can still be further developed as they grow older and while gaining more experiences. Those who have a fixed mindset tend to believe that their skills alone will propel them to success without finding reasons to work on them, while those who have a growth mindset can see that putting effort in learning can lead to improvement to their performance at work, so they work harder than before.

The good news is that having a growth mindset means that you are more open to the possibilities of acquiring more knowledge and skills that you can use to improve yourself and your future career. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can develop a growth mindset which can end in gaining more positive habits in the long run. Here are a few ways that you should make use of.

See challenges as opportunities

Most of us fear taking more roles than we are used to for fear that we will fail at them. But you need to keep in mind that these challenges can be viewed as opportunities instead where you can develop yourself and your skills. It is understandable that you want to stay in your comfort zone but you will not be able to unlock new skills if you remain this way.

Be curious

Curiosity and the sense of wonderment that we have when we were kids should not be forgotten as we age because through curiosity do we get to try new things. Start asking questions of things that catch your fancy, or have conversations with new people to hear what their stories are. Who knows? You might pick up something useful along the way that you can use in your development.

Focus on learning instead of approval

Are you learning because you want to get the approval of others? Or are you learning because you want to develop yourself? Doing things just to get the approval of others is not really good for you as it can lead to emotional issues when you don’t meet their standards. Learning because you want to become a better person is much better because you are teaching yourself to gain new knowledge and skills.

Tenacity is needed

If you are developing a growth mindset, you will need to become tenacious too. Without it, you can easily fall into the pit of depression when you fail to achieve your goals. Those who are tenacious often stand up whenever they fail at their work and vow to do their best until they fulfill their dreams.

Have a sense of purpose

Those who are practicing growth mindset often have a sense of purpose. They are the ones who look at long-term goals when they are doing something. You should ask yourself what is your work all about and whether you are doing it because it is part of your long-term plan or because you love doing it. Do something with a purpose as it will give you the motivation that you need to get the job done.

Be inspired

If you want to have a growth mindset, you should feel and be inspired with the success of others. Seeing someone succeed in what they had set out to do can be a good motivation for you to do the same.

Learn well instead of learn fast

Learning shouldn’t be a race. You can’t rush in learning a new skill because there are plenty of mistakes to go through along the way that will be better teachers for you. You may feel frustrated by this, but part of having a growth mindset is that learning takes time.

Give and accept constructive criticisms

This is tough but being criticized is part of learning and growing. Learn to accept constructive criticisms as they can teach you what areas in your life you can improve on. Do the same for others and you will help them develop further.

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