Things to Do to Deal With a Migraine Hangover

Do you suffer from migraines? Then you must know the unfavorable feeling that strikes after a bout of migraine comes to an end. A lot of migraine sufferers refer to it as a migraine hangover, and it’s something that can be easily remedied at home — some of the best ones can be found below, so keep on reading!

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Actually, a migraine hangover is a part of a migraine attack. In fact, doctors have a fancy medical term for it — postdrome. Experts say that a migraine hangover can be experienced by anyone who suffers from a migraine. However, they confirm that such phenomenon is more common in female migraine sufferers than male ones.

During a bout of a migraine hangover, there is absolutely no pain around. But despite of that, it can still be challenging to get back to one’s normal life because there’s exhaustion present. Also, moving too quickly can bring about some form of discomfort in the head, like the insides of the skull are bruised.

A migraine hangover can be experienced for the next 24 hours after a migraine attack. Some people are lucky to be free of such in after a few hours only, while other migraine sufferers aren’t as fortunate.

If you are one of those people who experience a migraine hangover that lasts for an entire day, do not worry. There are certain things that you may try to bounce back from it at a much faster rate. See which of the following home remedies for a migraine hangover can help you get back on track ASAP:

Take a Rest

Everyone who suffers from migraines know just how intense an attack can be, and it’s exactly for such reason why once the pain has gone away you tend to feel really exhausted.

Going back to doing everyday activities can be hard while you are still reeling from a bout of migraine. What you need to do is take plenty of rest — give your body a break after being drained by a migraine attack. If possible, take frequent naps until such time that the migraine hangover has completely subsided.

Have Healthy Foods

It’s a good idea for you to replace all the energy used up during a recent battle with a migraine by consuming foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, and also provide good amounts of calories.

You may have no appetite during a migraine hangover, but it’s important to put something in your stomach for a speedier recovery. Just make sure that you steer clear of anything that can actually exacerbate a migraine hangover or even cause another migraine attack, such as citrus fruits, nuts and chocolates.

Drink Water

We all know that staying hydrated is one of the most effective remedies for a hangover. Well, the same thing is also an excellent solution for a migraine hangover.

As you wait for that pesky migraine hangover to pass, make sure that you consume plenty of water. It will also help a lot if you include in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables as they are high in water content. Feel free to drink an herbal tea, but refrain from having coffee and alcohol as they can leave you dehydrated.

Avoid Social Media

While having a bout of a migraine hangover, do your very best to stay away from social media to post that you just had a migraine attack and now you feel crappy.

Your eyes are sensitive to light after suffering from migraine, and posting on or checking out social media can strain your eyes, potentially causing a migraine hangover to last longer than necessary. Aside from doing social media on your phone or laptop, it’s also a good idea for you to avoid watching TV or playing video games.

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