6 Highly Shocking Causes of High Blood Pressure

We all know that cigarette smoking and reaching for the salt shaker often can cause your blood pressure to spike. Did you know that there are many other things that can leave you with high blood pressure?

Read on to know some of the probable reasons why your blood pressure refuses to drop despite of your best efforts to ditch cigarette smoking and limit your intake of sodium.

Pleasing Your Sweet Tooth

Consuming lots of sugary stuff is not only bad for your pearly whites and figure, but also your blood pressure. That’s due to the fact that refined sugar can trigger systemic inflammation. According to experts, inflammation can be blamed for a number of serious health problems, and one of them is high blood pressure.

Drinking Lots of Alcohol

While it’s true that alcohol can cause a variety of health problems when taken in moderation, drinking too much of it can do the exact opposite. One of the problems that can stem from excessive alcohol intake is high blood pressure. Also it can make having quality sleep elusive, which can make your blood pressure soar as well.

Having Sleep Apnea

Do you wake up feeling unrefreshed in the morning and you’re always told that you snore loudly? You could be suffering from sleep apnea, which is a lesser-known cause of high blood pressure. The sleep disorder causes breathing interruptions while you are in dreamland, keeping you from having quality sleep.

Being Stressed Always

In this day and age, chronic stress is a commonplace. According to experts, it is something that needs to be managed very well. Otherwise, it can leave your blood pressure high and your overall health in shambles. Try your best to avoid as much stressors as you can. Also, engage in some effective stress-busting activities.

Using Saunas and Hot Tubs

Speaking of stress-busters, a lot of people use saunas or hot tubs to unwind. If you have high blood pressure, however, you should look for some other relaxing activities — saunas and hot tubs can cause your blood pressure to increase most especially if you have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. To be safe, always ask your doctor.

Taking Certain Herbs

A lot of people believe that it’s safe to take herbal supplements because they are all-natural. However, some herbs can be so potent that they can interfere with the action of high blood pressure medications. So if you are currently taking drugs for your blood pressure, always let your doctor know about your plan on taking an herb.



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