What Can You Get from Eating Dates?

Have you ever tried eating dates? This fruit came from Iraq which was commonly used in making wine by the Egyptians. It can be found in Middle Eastern countries as well as other parts of the globe because of its taste. Aside from its taste, dates can also deliver a host of nutritional benefits. What exactly can you get out of this fruit? Well, here are a few health benefits that will make you want to eat it.

Makes your hair healthy

If you want your hair to look amazing, your diet will come into play. Unfortunately, most of us tend to have a diet that contains poor amount of nutrients which is one of the reasons why adding dates to your diet is highly recommended. This is because dates contain high amounts of nutrients that can encourage better and stronger hair to grow.

Constipation relief

Suffering from constipation can be uncomfortable but this doesn’t have to be all the time because you can use dates to help give you relief. This is because dates are considered as laxatives which mean that they can help loosen up your hard stools. Soak some of the dates in water overnight then eat them the following day. Dates have high amounts of soluble fiber which is important in having better bowel movements.

Good for managing weight

Another health benefit that is associated with dates is that they can help you manage your weight. This is because dates have a healthy dosage of proteins, sugar, as well as other vitamins that can help keep your weight steady. A kilogram of dates can give you 3,000 calories already which are needed by your body.

Makes bones stronger

What else can you get from eating dates? Well, it can also help your bones to become stronger because of the minerals present in them. Eating dates can help fight off bone diseases such as osteoporosis. This is because dates contain manganese, magnesium, selenium, and copper just to name a few.

Improves nervous system

Another benefit to having dates is that it can also help strengthen your immune system. This is because dates contain potassium but little amount of sodium which is important for your nervous system. Potassium helps reduce the amount of cholesterol in your body so you will be able to keep yourself safe from heart problems like stroke.

Treats anemia

Dates are known to contain high amounts of mineral which can actually help improve your red blood cells. This protects you against anemia. This is because dates have iron which can actually help patients with low blood to improve the amount of red blood cells that they contain.

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