The Various Amazing Uses for Tuberose Essential Oil

While mostly admired in the perfumery industry, tuberose essential oil is also very popular in the world of aromatherapy. Aside from the fact that it smells so fantastic, it also offers a number of impressive health benefits — from reducing stress to increasing one’s libido.

If you are into essential oil use and you like to get to know tuberose essential oil first before you obtain a bottle of it, read on. Afterwards, share this article to introduce your family and friends to it, too!

Tuberose essential oil comes from the lovely-smelling flowers of a tree having the same name. The said flowers only bloom when the sun disappears below the horizon — it’s for this reason why the tuberose tree is also sometimes known as night queen. Some people refer to it as mistress of the night.

A lot of people think that the tuberose tree is native to India. However, it actually originates from Mexico. These days, however, it is widely cultivated in India more than elsewhere on the planet.

One of the primary reasons why the tuberose tree is cultivated is for the extraction of the oils that its flowers produce. The said oil is a very popular among manufacturers of perfumes, courtesy of its very sweet fragrance. A lot of people all over the planet also love tuberose essential oil.

While undeniably lovely, the smell of tuberose essential oil can be very overpowering. It’s for this reason why it is usually blended with the likes of lavender, mandarin, orange, vetiver, sage, sandalwood and frankincense essential oils. For topical purposes, it is often diluted with jojoba or almond oil.

Here are some of the most amazing uses for tuberose essential oil:

Control of Stress and Anxiety

There are lots and lots of people that bank on the fragrance of tuberose essential oil in controlling both stress and anxiety. This volatile oil may be employed with the use of a burner or diffuser in calming the mind and body. It may also be added to your bathwater, or your favorite massage oils for utmost relaxation.

Management of Depression

If you are suffering from a mild form of depression, you may try taking a whiff of the smell of tuberose essential oil which is said to have mood-lifting properties. But still it is a good idea for anyone who is experiencing depression, especially for days in a row, to seek the help of a therapist or psychiatrist.

Promotion of a Good Night’s Sleep

Something as simple as placing a few drops of tuberose essential oil on your pillow at night is enough to combat that insomnia. You may also combine tuberose essential oil with another essential oil that is also known to encourage a good night’s sleep, and one good example of it is lavender essential oil.

Boosting of Sexual Desire

A lot of people also rely on tuberose essential oil in having the libido increased. Clearly, this sweet-smelling volatile oil has aphrodisiac properties. According to experts, it can be because to the circulation-enhancing ability of tuberose essential oil that makes it a risk-free alternative to some of today’s drugs for boosting the libido.

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