Superb Exercises During the Holidays

The Holidays are coming and the bulge is not far behind. Even during the festive season when laughter and food come aplenty, it’s still important to get your regular dose of exercise. Otherwise, you may spend the early half of the following year — or even its entirety — trying to get rid of excess pounds.

We all know that the Holidays are some of the busiest and stressful times of the year, and it can really be challenging to find the time and energy to work out. But fret not because it is still very much possible for you to stay in shape despite of a table full of pumpkin pies, Christmas cookies, prime ribs, roast turkey and chocolate fudge!

Below you will find some of the best exercises that you can easily squeeze into the merriment:

Stair Climbing

Stair Climbing — with the use of a machine or simply employing actual stairs — is a fantastic workout for the leg, butt and core muscles. If you swing your arms, it also becomes a good exercise for your upper extremities. Here’s a great idea: when wrapping gifts, take the items you need to wrap upstairs and gather all of your wrapping materials and tools downstairs. Climb the stairs, grab an item, go down and wrap. Repeat.


Fitness experts say that walking is a wonderful form of exercise. That’s because it won’t harm your joints, and it’s good for people of all fitness levels and age. So each time you need to grab something at the local department store, walk. Besides, traffic during the Holidays can be very terrible. By walking, not only will you save yourself from being stuck in a traffic jam, but also keep your waistline from expanding.

Riding a Bicycle

Is the local department store far from home? Then use a bicycle to get there. Bicycling is actually an excellent aerobic exercise because it’s low-impact, which means that you are less likely to end up with achy or injured joints. What’s more, riding a bicycle lets you tone the muscles in your legs and abdomen. So if you want to keep your thighs as well as midsection looking phenomenal this joyous season, ride your bicycle on a daily basis.

Performing Push-Ups

Everyone knows that performing push-ups is a workout that’s superb at keeping your shoulders, upper back and most especially chest looking nice. Since it can be really challenging, you only need to perform a few reps and sets a day. Looking for some added challenge? Have your lower body elevated while doing push-ups. You can prop up your feet on an exercise ball or on the couch. Piling up magazines lets you come up with the perfect elevation.

Doing Lunges

To save the Holidays from wreaking havoc to the lower half of your body, it’s a wonderful idea to spend a few minutes of your time to doing lunges. What’s so great about lunges is they can be carried at any time — while you’re waiting for that apple pie to brown or boiled custard to simmer. To boost your gains, reach for some shopping bags and allow your arms to dangle on your sides, and then perform lunges as you normally would.


Are you spending the time of the year on a vacation? Then take advantage of the hotel’s swimming pool. Even as something as simple as wading lets you workout your lower body because of the resistance the water provides. You can definitely burn more calories doing freestyle and butterfly. Traveling with family or friends? Play water polo with them to add more excitement to your vacation as well as make those excess calories go away.

Dancing to the Beat

There are many ways to make the Holidays even more festive and memorable, such as playing a nice tune and dancing to it. Dancing is a phenomenal workout as it requires you to move your entire body, most especially if you go for some intense moves that make you break a sweat. So if you want to stay in shape and at the same time be the star of the night, unleash the dancer in you and show off some of your best moves!

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