Healthy PicksReasons to Eat Bacuri Fruits

Reasons to Eat Bacuri Fruits

Bacuri fruits look like smaller and rounder papayas. Even though they may not be the most unique-looking and attractive fruits on the face of the planet, they are good at grabbing attention because they are so fragrant. The white pulp inside has a sweet and sour taste, making bacuri fruits a delight to eat or turned into all sorts of treats.

The trees that bear bacuri fruits are native to South America, particularly in the Amazon basin. Aside from their fruits, the said trees are also sometimes propagated for ornamentation purposes as they look really head-turning.

Going back to bacuri fruits, they are usually turned into butter which can be used for many different topical purposes. For instance, the said product is a popular remedy for various insect bites and even snake bites! Bacuri butter is also commonly used for skin beautification reasons, as well as for easing painful and swollen joints.

Once fully ripe, bacuri fruits may be eaten as they are. However, they are also commonly made into jams and jellies. They are usually employed as pie fillings, too. Bacuri fruits are also used as ice cream and liqueur flavorings. They’re also perfect for turning into juice, as well as for making shakes and smoothies taste so much tastier and refreshing.

If you happen to have a trip to South America or your local grocery store is carrying bacuri fruits, you should definitely get your hands on some of them. Other than being delicious, bacuri fruits also supply your body with good amounts of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals, thus offering you a number of amazing health benefits such as:

Stronger Immune System

The sweet and sour taste of bacuri fruits is a clear sign that they are loaded with vitamin C. Everybody is well-aware that this particular vitamin is important for keeping the immune system in an A1 condition. Most especially if the cold or flu season is nearing, it’s a good idea to start including bacuri fruits and others that are rich in vitamin C in the diet everyday in order to have the immune system really strengthened, thus lowering your risk of getting ill.

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Lovelier Smile

Vitamin C found abundantly in bacuri fruits is also important for keeping the gums in a healthy state. In fact, not getting enough vitamin C via the diet can result in scurvy, which is characterized by the inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Maintaining healthy gums is necessary for keeping your teeth in an excellent shape because they are the ones that actually nourish your chompers. So if you are a proud owner of a smile that many say could brighten their day, make sure that you regularly eat vitamin C-rich foods such as bacuri fruits to keep it intact.

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Younger-Looking Skin

The many perks offered by vitamin C do not end there. Did you know that you also need lots of this nutrient in keeping your skin looking young? That’s because it is required by your body in the production of collagen, which is a protein type that makes your skin firm. Having firm skin is important for keeping at bay the formation of wrinkles, and it’s for this reason why a lot of anti-aging products claim to have collagen in them. But why end up broke getting your hands on those beauty products when you can simply eat bacuri fruits that contain lots of collagen-forming vitamin C?

Regular Bowel Movement

Bacuri fruits are also rich in fiber, just like so many other tropical fruits out there. This is exactly the reason why consuming them on a regular basis can help you stay regular — your risk of getting constipated can be reduced considerably. However, the benefits of fiber found in impressive amounts in bacuri fruits also offer numerous other perks. It is known to help prevent the development of piles and colon cancer. Fiber is also known to help clean the arteries, thus lowering a person’s risk of having heart disease. Those who like to slim down can also benefit from fiber.

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