When women can’t fit in a tight sexy top or skinny pair of pants, they usually put the blame on water retention. And what a lot of them do is steer clear of drinking water to put an end to the issue.

If you’re doing that whenever you feel bloated, you’re in for a shock: drinking more water is actually the best way to get rid of excess water in the body!

Although it doesn’t make sense, scientists say that glugging down water can help in managing water retention — in most instances. Bloating that leaves the toes, feet, ankles, fingers and hands really puffy is something that usually requires medical attention because it’s due to an underlying condition that needs to be treated ASAP.

Going back to mild water retention that every woman tends to have from time to time, the problem can go away effectively if water is introduced into the body and not by getting it dehydrated.

Here’s a quick explanation why: not drinking enough water can cause fluid imbalance within you, and one result of such is the retention of water in various body areas.

Failure to drink enough water a day, which amounts to around 2 liters or equivalent to about 8 glasses of water, causes the body to think that you are in danger because you have no access to drinking water. This switches the body’s survival mode on. You don’t want this to happen as your body will do its best to conserve any water present in it.

When that happens, various parts of the body that tend to appear bloated when you have water retention will start to swell as water being conserved by your body collects in them.

Contrary to popular belief, someone who is dehydrated can actually look puffy instead of skinny. To counter this, introducing more water into the body has to be carried out.

Did you know that the molecules of water act like magnets that attract one another?

This is actually reason behind surface tension, which you can observe when you fill a glass with water to the brim. The magnetic properties of water molecules also explain why drinking more water can actually make water already present in the body to get flushed out!

So if you are facing water retention and you need to put on a figure-hugging dress, it’s a much better idea to drink more water rather than turn your back on it. The more water you consume, the better retained water will get removed. Otherwise, the bloatedness that’s bugging you won’t go anywhere. So to get rid of that bothersome water retention, drink water.

However, it’s an entirely different story if your body is severely bloated. If such is the case, the intake of water should be limited. But aside from that, seeking immediate medical attention should be sought because it can actually lead to a life-threatening problem — it’s a serious one if there’s altered mental state, shortness breath and coughing up of blood.

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