Reasons Why Bowling is Good for Your Health

Are you on the hunt for an exercise that won’t leave you sweating and panting? Then consider bowling. Even though it is obviously a slow-paced sport, it’s actually an excellent form of workout.

Here are some of the reasons why bowling is something that you may engage in for good health:

It Allows You to Slim Down

Especially if you’re not really in a rush to fit in those tight pair of leather pants, engaging in bowling is a wonderful way to shed off a few excess pounds. That’s because all of the swinging and lunging you have to make causes your metabolic rate to speed up, and this allows for a more efficient burning of unwanted calories. Bowling may not be as intense as jogging or cycling, but doing it on a regular basis can actually help you get to your ideal weight.

It is Easy on Your Joints

Fitness experts consider bowling as a low-impact exercise, which means that it’s easy on the weight-bearing joints such as your ankles, knees and lower back. This only means that playing bowling lets you get your regular dose of exercise without putting the safety of your joints at risk.

It Strengthens and Tones Muscles

Earlier, it was mentioned that you have to perform lots of arm swinging as well as lunging throughout a game of bowling. Because of this, the slow-paced sport allows major muscle groups in your body to get worked out, causing them to become stronger and toned. Did you know that spending several minutes at the bowling alley also enables you to work out your core muscles, which means that the sport can also help you enjoy a flatter belly area?

It Makes Your Heart Muscles Strong, Too

Just like any other muscle that you have in your body, it’s also necessary for your heart muscles to get worked out. A game of bowling causes your ticker to beat faster than usual, training it to pump blood more efficiently. Not only is bowling great for your heart, but also on your blood vessels — it’s a nice cardiovascular exercise!

It Helps Lower Stress

We all know how bad chronic stress is to the health and figure — it can cause a number of conditions and diseases to strike and it can also make you pack unwanted weight especially in the midsection. It’s for these reasons why combating stress is of utmost importance. There are so many stress-zapping activities around, and engaging in bowling is one good example because it helps get your mind off your office and home worries.

It Makes You Feel Happy

Feeling down? Then get some bowling pins to fall down! Playing bowling can help lift your mood because it causes your brain to be flooded with those happy hormones called endorphins. What’s more, you get to spend time with your family members or friends, and this can really help make your anxious or depressing thoughts go away.

It Improves Your Flexibility and Endurance

Going back to the bowling alley on a regular basis can help in gradually increasing your flexibility, and that’s a good thing because it’s something that increases your range of motion and thus allowing you to carry out all sorts of physical activities with ease and efficiency. Also, bowling can help improve your endurance, making sure that you have the staying power to remain productive in this very demanding and exhausting day and age of ours.

Impressed with the health benefits that bowling brings? Then consider making it your new sport. But before you hit the nearest bowling alley, share this article on social media to let everyone you know get acquainted with the many perks of bowling — so all of you can engage in a completely fun and beneficial sport!

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