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Things That Doctors and Nurses Do to Avoid Getting Sick

Doctors and nurses spend most of their waking hours at medical facilities. In other words, they are constantly in contact with people who are sick. But why does it seem like these experts in the field of medicine stay in the pink of health always? Continue reading to know some of their secrets on how to avoid getting sick!

Dodging Excess Refined Sugar

According to medical professionals themselves, the consumption of excess refined sugar can keep the white blood cells, which are very important components of the immune system, from swallowing up and eventually killing off invading microbes. Yup, those white blood cells are capable of doing that feat which is called “phagocytosis”.

Sticking to Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Excessive amounts of alcohol can actually hamper the white blood cells of the immune system from carrying out their tasks effectively, and doctors and nurses do know this by heart. It’s for this reason why female medical experts stick to a serving of alcohol per day only, and male ones up to two servings of it only.

Washing the Hands Frequently

Because medical facilities are where sick people go, it’s for certain that just about anything that is accessed by the public is covered with disease-causing bacteria and viruses, from elevator buttons to door knobs. To prevent those microbes from infecting you, regular washing of the hands with soap and water is definitely a must.

Refraining From Nibbling on the Nails

Many bite their nails when they’re stressed, but that habit is something that professionals in the medical community avoid at all cost no matter how stressful the day gets. Nail biting is like giving those germs easy access to the various organs of the body by means of the mouth. Besides, it’s something that can also damage your pearly whites!

Avoiding Breathing for a Few Seconds

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Other than your mouth, your nose serves as an easy entrance for bacteria and viruses in the air. It’s for this reason why it is a good idea to hold your breath for about 10 seconds when someone sick right next to you coughs or sneezes. Wearing a face or surgical mask is a surefire way to keep yourself from unknowingly inhaling microbes.

Getting Some Fresh Air

Did you know that indoor air is actually more polluted that outdoor air? Just imagine how packed with germs the air is inside a medical facility where sick people go to in order to get treated! Whether you’re in the hospital or office or staying at home, it’s a good idea to enjoy some fresh air outside from time to time.

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Performing Exercise on a Regular Basis

We all know that having your regular dose of exercise helps boost the immune system. However, do stick to mild to slightly moderate ones only. That’s because exercising too much or too hard can actually result in the complete opposite, which is a weakened immune system that isn’t fully capable of defending your body from bacteria and viruses.

Consuming Foods Containing Good Bacteria

According to medical experts themselves, majority of your body’s defense system is actually situated in the gut. It’s exactly for this reason why the regular consumption of yogurt, kimchi, miso, sauerkraut and other fermented foods that contain high amounts of good bacteria can help save you from getting sick.

Getting Vaccinated Against Diseases

Last but not least, doctors and nurses save themselves from catching infectious or communicable diseases by getting vaccinated. In fact, this should be on the top of your list when it comes to saving yourself from ending up sick. Consider getting vaccinated as a preventive measure that can help stave off expensive medical treatments!


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