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Tips on Removing the Smell of Garlic From Your Hands

We all know how brilliant garlic is in making any dish more savory. It’s also no secret that garlic offers tons of amazing health benefits, from zapping fungi to lowering heart attack and stroke risk.

Are you like many people who revere the many abilities of garlic except the highly pungent odor it leaves on your fingers each time you peel, chop or mince it, and that’s why they use way less garlic than needed or simply skip using the herb altogether? Then this article is for you, so don’t stop reading.

Sulfur is the reason why garlic smells that way. Without it, garlic will surely be pleasing to the nose. However, the absence of sulfur is something that will also rob garlic of the many incredible perks that it offers!

In other words, we have no choice but to accept everything that comes with garlic if we want the herb to keep on making our dishes smell and taste extraordinary and our health optimal. So what about the unmistakable odor it leaves on our hands? Well, you can repeatedly wash your hands with soap and water until the smell is completely gone. Or you may try some of these really nifty tips on eliminating garlic smell from your hands:

Rinse With Lemon Juice

Everyone who is into all-natural remedies for various beauty issues knows that lemon juice is very good for dealing with darkened skin. Did you know that you may also count on lemon juice each time your hands are reeking with the strong smell of garlic? To employ it, wash your hands with soap and water. Afterwards, splash a little lemon juice on your hands. Massage it on your skin for about 30 seconds, and then rinse off with water.

Or Rely on a Lemon Slice With Salt

Some people swear by the effectiveness of lemon slices sprinkled with salt in dealing with the unfavorable smell that garlic tends to leave on the hands. The best time to use this home remedy is right after having your hands washed with soap and water. Pay special attention to your fingertips as it’s in those areas where the smell of garlic is the strongest. Afterwards, wash your hands with water thoroughly.

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Use Baking Soda and Salt Paste

Got sensitive skin and lemon juice or a slice of lemon is causing a stinging sensation which you cannot stand? Worry not because another solution that can quickly zap the smell of garlic from your hands is a paste out of baking soda and salt. All you have to do is combine 2 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of salt. Add a few drops of water until you come up with a paste. Massage this paste on your hands after washing with soap and water. After about a minute of continued massaging, rinse off the baking soda and salt paste with water.

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Massage Used Coffee Grounds

Reach for those used coffee grounds in your coffee maker if you want to free your hands of the pungent smell of garlic. You have to gently rub them on your hands for several seconds to give them plenty of time to absorb garlic odor and at the same time make your hands smell yummy. Afterwards, rinse off the coffee grounds with water. Not only will your hands smell garlic-free, but also look radiant due to the bonus exfoliating action!

Get Your Hands on Stainless Steel

This may sound like a midwife’s tale, but rubbing your hands on any object that is out of stainless steel actually works like magic! Here’s the reason why this delivers: sulfur molecules and stainless steel molecules love one another. So what happens when you rub your hands against a stainless steel object is the sulfur molecules on the surface of your hands jump to the stainless steel molecules on the object of your choice. Rub your hands repeatedly against a stainless steel bowl or spoon until the smell of garlic is completely gone.

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