Healthy PicksHealth Benefits of Mustard Seeds and Mustard Greens

Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds and Mustard Greens

Mustard the condiment, the precious seeds or the delightfully green and refreshingly stingy leaves are good healthy staples to have in the kitchen.   They are one of the most consumed plant matter on Earth providing a real punch of vitamins and minerals.  The greens are most nutritious raw but is an acquired taste for some- they release mustard gas quite immediately, the level or intensity of the sting depends on the veggie’s age and health.  The mustard gas release may repulse some, confuse some or be totally embraced.

Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds and Mustard Greens

First off let’s start with its bitter seeds that give a lot of heavily spiced dishes their depth and character.  The mustard seeds contain so much minerals and phytonutrients and enzymes that help break down its phytonutrients.  The plant compounds that are a result of this natural chemical reaction has powerful anti-cancer properties.   Specifically more of gastrointestinal cancers, you can really rely on the whole mustard plant to improve your digestive health.  Also rich in selenium and magnesium, both minerals that help strengthen the body against cancer too.  They both prevent or help ease asthma, help lower blood sugar and blood pressure, help one sleep better due to its antioxidant and pro-digestive powers.  Mustard seeds help strengthen the heart and reduce strokes having omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and other minerals such as phosphorous, copper, potassium and manganese.

Don’t forget the half gram of fibre they contain for every 1-2 teaspoons.  The seeds are also complete in the whole B vitamin family or B-complex along with folate which are all crucial in nerve and ain activity, a lack of B vitamins makes one more susceptible to depression, dull skin, weaker hair follicles, less focus and attention and less red blood cell production.  Traces of vitamin a are present, good for the eyes and vitamin E, good for the skin.  Mustard seeds have traces of many types of amino acids, clean and pure form of protein great for muscle repair.

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Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds and Mustard Greens

Now off to the health benefits of the leafy greens, they are second to spinach and kale’s fat and cholesterol-fighting abilities.  And second to kale on protein content, that is very wonderful news.  What makes it better is mustard green’s very high vitamin K amount, second to kale and spinach as well.  Vitamin K family comes in K1, K2 and K3. There is not much evidence yet on the benefits of K3 but it teams up with K1 to create K2.  Vitamin K1 is required for plants to even be ble to perform photosynthesis and helps us with blood clotting.  Vitamin K2 is they key access to our calcium deposits, in other words it greatly aids in bone strength due to calcium absorption instead of the mineral just building up in stiff collections. A pure supplement of K2 is a good investment because this is hard to attain enough of in our diets unless you have a lot of fermented vegetable and soy products often enough.

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The seeds are usually toasted first with other spices and aromatics to wake up its ull flavor then meat and/or vegetables are added.  The greens are easy to cook and can be sauteed with as much or as little oil as you want (just use a non-stick).  Cook it longer and maybe add citrus and garlic if you do not like the mustard gas sting.  Raw I find great though and is an acquired taste for some.

Have more spices and greens in your diet, especially superfoods and ones that are around as nutritious as the mustard plant.  They detoxify our systems, clean our blood, clear our headaches, muscle aches, digestive problems, can make you happier and even lower the risk of cancer occurring.







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