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What Should Go In Your Prom Clutch

Teenage girls are probably planning on what they are going to wear on their prom night which is the only time that they get to dress up and look as beautiful as they can be. For sure, you already have an idea on how you’re going to do your hair, your makeup, who you will be going out with, and so on but with all the excitement that is accompanied this one day event of yours, make sure that you take into consideration what will go inside your clutch.

Well, your prom night is going to be one of the best moments of your life so make sure that you have all that you need to look your best throughout the night. With that being said, what should go inside your clutch during your prom night?

Breath mints

You don’t want bad breath to turn off your date so pack some breath mints in your clutch so you can pop them after you eat or when you feel that your breath is starting to smell. Don’t use gum to freshen your breath otherwise you’ll risk looking like a goat chewing on grass.


This basic makeup should never disappear in your clutch since you will need to retouch your lips every few hours especially when you are drinking. Bring a lip liner if you want to emphasize your lips further before applying lipstick.


Another clutch must-have for your prom is a travel-size deodorant which will help keep you feeling fresh all night long. Choose a deodorant that will not leave your underarms sticky or wet or even make you feel uncomfortable too. This way, once you apply it, you can forget about it and just enjoy dancing with your friends.

Mini hairspray

With all the dancing that you are going to do on your prom, your hair might become loose. Fix your hair in a jiffy with a mini hairspray and some bobby pins so you will still look put together after hours of fun.

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Dental floss

It’s not just your makeup that you should be worried about when it is prom time. You also need to consider your teeth too. Bring a dental floss in your clutch so that you can clean your teeth after your meal. This way, you’ll be able to flash those pearly whites for all the photos that you will be taking for this one night event.

Compact powder

Don’t forget to bring your compact powder in your clutch to minimize the shine on your T-zone. All that dancing and drinking can leave a sheen on your face that will ruin your photos. Head to the bathroom to apply some powder on greasy areas to minimize the shine on your face.

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Stain stick

There will be a lot of nervous and even over excited people in your prom so be prepared for those little accidents that can happen such as getting stain on your dress or your date’s top. A stain stick is the perfect solution for such an incident and can easily fit in your clutch bag too.

Blotting paper

Blotting paper can work wonders in sopping up the excess sweat and oil that your skin is releasing in this exciting day. Make sure that you have some in your clutch during your prom so you will look your best all the time.

Safety pins

Make sure that you have safety pins with you for those dress malfunctions you might experience with all the dancing that you are doing. You’ll feel relieved to know that you can patch your dress up in a jiffy with these pins on hand.

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