Foods That Can Increase Your Risk of Cellulite

If you are a beauty- or figure-conscious woman, one of the things that can really throw your self-confidence out of the window is cellulite. Did you know that what you eat can put you at higher risk of developing unsightly cellulite? Keep on reading to know which foods you should avoid to stay cellulite-free!

But before we enumerate those cellulite-causing foods, let’s get to know this nightmare a little more first.

Experts say that cellulite happens when fat deposits make their way past the connective tissues situated under your skin. They add that women are more prone to it than men because connective tissues in men are in crisscross formation so they are so much better at keeping fat deposits where they’re supposed to stay. On the other hand, the connective tissues of women are vertically arranged, making it easier for cellulite to appear.

If you think that cellulite is only common among women who are overweight, think again! Even women who are slim can actually develop cellulite because it’s not only excess pounds that can make it appear, but also a few other factors such as hormones and age. Unhealthy lifestyle and poor dietary habits are factors as well!

Now it’s time for us to check out some of the foods that are known to increase cellulite risk:

Processed Meat

Aside from being high in fat and cholesterol, processed meat is also high in sodium which is something that can cause you to retain water and bloat. If you already have cellulite, avoid processed meat as they can worsen its appearance. If you do not have cellulite, you should avoid processed meat, too, in order to keep the problem at bay.


Did you know that cheese is also loaded with sodium just like processed meat? So if the thought of being spotted with cellulite scares you, then go easy on cheese.

Canned Soup

If it’s your habit to consume canned soup because you want to lose weight and make cellulite go away, you’re in for a big surprise: eating canned soup on a regular basis can increase your risk of having cellulite or make your cellulite worsen because, just like the first two foods already mentioned, it’s something packed with sodium.

Barbecue Sauce

You include chicken breast in your diet because you want to lose weight. Very good! You slather chicken breast with barbecue sauce. Terrible idea! Did you know that barbecues sauce is rich in two of the things that are known to cause or worsen cellulite, and they are sodium and sugar?

White Bread

Experts say that white bread is something that can cause cellulite or make the problem worse because it can have a negative effect on both the hormones and weight. It’s not just white bread that you should avoid, but also anything out of white flour — doughnuts, cupcakes, pasta, pizza and so many others.


If you fear having cellulite or you are already facing such nightmare, make sure that you turn your back on or at least limit your intake of anything that’s packed with sugar. Period!


Finally, you should refrain from getting your hands on a bag of chips, especially a large one, if you want to keep cellulite from striking. There is no denying that all the calories and saturated fat in every serving of chips can work together in ruining not only your figure, but your overall health as well.

Having a hard time remembering all of them? Basically, you should simply steer clear of foods that everyone knows are bad for the health — fatty, greasy, salty, sugary and starchy ones!

Do you have female family and friends who are so worried about developing cellulite, or who are very frustrated that they have it? Then have this article reposted on your different social media sites to let them know which foods to avoid to keep cellulite at bay or improve the problem they’re facing!

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