FitnessExercises to Burn Leg Fat

Exercises to Burn Leg Fat

Getting rid of excess fat is one of the desires of many people, in two reasons. One is to maintain an aesthetic physique while the other is to preserve a state of overall health. While some people only focus on having a shredded chest, shoulders, back, arms, and abs, some people believe that it is important to give attention to the legs. Thus, they also consider that losing excess thigh fat is as important as losing fat in other body areas. The following are some exercises that help burn extra fat in the thighs.

Women’s Health Mag has some routines towards having leaner legs for women. According the publication, women can blast their lower half with an exercise that can be done once or twice a week. Also, women can also slim down with a routine, which can be done in two to three times per week.

The slide leg raise is the first on the list. The person lies on her left side, with the head resting on her left arm and the right hand placed on the floor in front of the chest. Then, the legs should be straight while the right leg is on top of the left leg. After that, the right leg is gently raised as high as the person can, without moving any other part of the body. Then, the person goes back to the starting position.

The second exercise is the clamshell. This is done by lying on the left side with her hips and knees bent at 45 degrees. Then, the person stacks her right leg on top of her left leg while the heels are together. Then, the feet are kept together and with the left leg on the floor, the person raises the right knee as high as she can without the heels getting any distance. Then, the person goes back to the starting position.

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Next is the hip raise. The person lies face up on the floor with bent knees and flat feet on the floor. The glutes are squeezed and the heels are pressed to raise the hips until the body forms a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. Then, the body is slowly lowered back to the starting point.

The last exercise is the mountain climber. This starts at the top of a position similar to a push-up, with the body forming a straight line from the head to the heels. While keeping the abs tight, the right foot is picked up and the right knee is slowly brought to the left shoulder. Then, the person goes back to the starting position.

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In the slimming part, lunges with rotation starts the routine, as per Women’s Health Mag. It starts in a standing position, with the feet hip-width apart and the arms straight. Then, the left foot is stepped forward and the torso is twisted to the left as the person bends his knees and the body is lowered until the legs form a 90-degree angle. Going back to the middle, the left foot is pushed off and the person stands back up.

Another leg exercise is the single-leg Romanian deadlift. Standing with feet hip-width apart, the person raises her right foot while the right arm is extended in front. Then, the person bends forwards from her hips while the back is kept flat. Then, the right leg is raised straight behind until the body resembles a letter T. The right arrm hangs down from the shoulder. Then, the person goes back to the starting point.

Aside from the aforementioned routines for the legs, one will be able to improve the leg definition with proper nutrion, adequate rest, and right attitude.



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