Do You Have a Bitter Taste in Your Mouth? Know the Common Causes

You are quite sure that you didn’t just have black coffee, arugula or dandelion greens, but there is a lingering bitter taste in your mouth. It’s actually a common condition and it can be due to a number of causes. If you are bugged by an unfavorable bitter taste in your mouth, read on to know some of the most common culprits behind it.



Experts say that cigarette smoking can damage your taste buds, which can definitely impede your ability to taste. What’s more, it is something that can leave all sorts of nasty tastes in your mouth, ranging from bitter to metallic. There is no denying that quitting smoking is good for your overall health as well as your taste buds.


Inhalation of Chemicals

Tobacco smoke is not the only one that can leave a bitter taste in the mouth, but a handful of other chemicals, too. The inhalation of the likes of benzene, gasoline and rubber dust can also cause the problem. So if your job entails being exposed to those, chances are that your work environment is the one responsible for that bitter taste.


Poor Oral Hygiene

Most of the time, failure to clean your mouth properly can cause you to sense a bitter taste. This is especially true if your tongue is covered in lots of debris, dead cells and bacteria. Make sure that you practice good oral hygiene to get rid of that pesky taste. It’s a good idea to thoroughly clean your tongue with baking soda.


Certain Dental Problems

Having poor oral hygiene, eventually, can lead to an assortment of dental issues. Teeth problems and gum disease can cause a host of unfavorable signs and symptoms, and one of them is having a bitter taste in the mouth. Seek the help of your dentist right away at the first sign of a dental problem for you to receive proper treatment for it.


Acid Reflux or GERD

If you are suffering from acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), then it is very much likely for your mouth to taste bitter especially during a bout of your digestive problem. Evidently, that bitter taste is due to the backing of stomach acids and other stomach contents up your esophagus, throat and mouth.



Sometimes, the cause of that annoying bitter taste is something as simple as dehydration. Most likely, the unfavorable taste is accompanied by mouth dryness and thirst. In order to avoid the problem, make sure that you drink plenty of fluids a day. Experts recommend for you to drink about 8 cups or water daily to ward off dehydration.


Respiratory Tract Infections

Having a cold or flu can definitely wreak havoc to your ability to properly taste food. Sometimes you may also have this persistent bitter taste in your mouth. Worry not because the said problem tends to go away gradually as your upper respiratory tract infection clears up. Clean your mouth properly throughout the course of the infection.


Mouth Breathing

Speaking of respiratory tract infections, having stuffy nose can leave you with no choice but to breathe through your mouth. This can leave your mouth really dry, and it’s something that can cause a bitter taste. Remember to drink plenty of fluids and take lots of rest in order to have the respiratory tract infection resolved asap.



Last but not least, if you are in the family way, your pregnancy is most likely the reason behind that bitter taste in your mouth. This is perfectly normal because of the hormonal imbalance that goes with pregnancy. Sucking on lemon or menthol hard candies can help eliminate the bitter taste and others that go with it, like queasiness.

If the bitter taste you are having in your mouth doesn’t seem to want to go away, see your doctor. Sometimes it can be due to nerve damage, salivary gland infections, vitamin deficiency and others.






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