Medicinal Qualities of Broadleaf Plantains

Not all weeds are pesky. Case in point: broadleaf plantains that possess impressive medicinal properties. Oh, and the young leaves are edible, too!

If you are interested to know more about broadleaf plantains, then continue reading!

Broadleaf plantains are easy to spot — they consist of heart-shaped or oval leaves with dark green coloration, each one attached to a singular base, thus forming a rosette. They also bear flower stalks and seedpods. And speaking of which, the reason why broadleaf plantains can propagate quickly is they can produce more than 15,000 seeds a year!

Even though broadleaf plantains are regarded as weeds in so many temperate areas of the planet where they like to thrive, they are actually used for medicinal purposes. Other than that, the young and tender leaves can be consumed as a vegetable, raw or cooked. On the other hand, the flowers and seeds can be made into tea.

Now that you are acquainted with broadleaf plantains, it’s time to check out some of the perks they offer:

They Help Combat Nausea

Herbal tea out of the dried leaves, flowers and seeds of broadleaf plantains can be used for dealing with nausea. It’s also something that you may take if you are having a bout of indigestion.

They Assist in Quitting Smoking

If you are trying to turn your back on cigarette smoking, consider having a freshly-brewed cup of broadleaf plantain tea. A lot of people swear by its effectiveness in curbing a craving.

They Relieve Insect Bites

Crushing the leaves and rubbing it against insect bites is one of the most popular medicinal uses of broadleaf plantains. It is known to help deal with both pain and irritation, and it also helps ward off an infection.

They Keep Wounds From Becoming Infected

Poultice made from the pounded broadleaf plantain leaves make for an excellent disinfectant for minor wounds. It’s also effective in keeping minor burns and skin irritation from worsening.

They Help Ease Joint Pain

Mashing the various aerial parts of broadleaf plantains and securing them on painful and swollen joints with an elastic bandage help keep the intake of NSAIDs to a minimum.

They Alleviate Throat Irritation

Gargling with broadleaf plantain tea that’s allowed to cool to room temperature is an excellent remedy for a throat that’s sore and irritated. The same may be done for dealing with those annoying oral sores.

They Provide Relief From Cough and Cold

Finally, you may also consume broadleaf plantain tea if you are having an upper respiratory tract infection as it helps reduce the secretion of mucus. The said tea is also ideal for those who suffer from asthma and bronchitis.

CAUTION: Just like when employing any other medicinal plant, make sure that you use broadleaf plantains for therapeutic purposes only under the supervision of a trained and experienced herbalist. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or diagnosed with a medical condition, let your doctor know about your plan on using herbs.

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