3 Simple Exercises That Help Get Rid of Those Bat Wings

Stand in front of a mirror. Stretch your arms to your sides. Wiggle your arms. The ones that jiggle under your upper arms are called bat wings. In this article, you will learn 3 easy exercises that can help get rid of them.

No, you don’t have to be Batman to have bat wings. You simply have to be overweight or had dropped a few unwanted pounds in order to end up with that bat wing appearance.

For some women who want instant results, they choose to undergo the knife — cosmetic surgeons remove excess upper arm tissue, a process that experts refer to as brachioplasty but is called arm lift by everybody else.

Others with minimal bat wings opt for liposuction instead. However, there are times in which both surgery and liposuction are carried out for the best possible elimination of bat wings.

Unfortunately, it’s no secret that the above mentioned procedures do not come cheap. And more importantly, there are certain risks and side effects that come with them.

Fret not if you have bat wings but you don’t want to end up broke or put up with some unfavorable things. That’s because it is very much possible to get rid of those bat wings cost-free and all-naturally.

There are many different exercises that can help in making those bat wings go away, and a lot of them are so simple that they can be performed no matter if you’re in the confines of your home, gym or even office.

But before we take a look at some of the best exercises for bat wings, let’s set one thing straight — there is no way that you can reduce the amount of fat only in specific areas of your body.

If you want to lose fat in certain areas of the body, you have to lose fat all over. There is no exercise on the face of the planet that is capable of spot reducing fat.

What bat wing exercises do is tone the muscles in your upper arms, helping to tighten those jiggling parts. Eventually, your upper arms will end up toned, allowing you to pull off those bathing suits, tank tops and tube tops.

So without any more ado, here are 3 of the simplest exercises that you may carry out on a regular basis to tone the muscles in your upper arms, getting rid of those unsightly bat wings.

Deltoid Raises

Grab a pair of lightweight dumbbells. Stand with your feet about hip width apart, your knees slightly bent. Allow your arms to dangle on your sides, with your palms facing your thighs.

Slowly raise your arms to your sides until they are at shoulder level — your body should be forming the letter T. Hold the position for about a second, and then go back to the starting position.

Perform 12 to 15 deltoid raises. Try to complete 3 sets.

Overhead Presses

Reach for a large towel. Sit on the floor with your legs in a loose diamond position. Pull the towel towards the opposite sides to make it taut. Hold the towel at chest level.

While leaning forward very slightly, slowly push the towel away from your body while keeping it tight. Aim to where the wall meets the ceiling. Slowly go back to the starting position.

Complete 3 sets, with each set made up of 12 to 15 repetitions.

Diamond Push-Ups

Get down on your knees. Place your hands on the floor with your index and thumbs forming a diamond — that’s how this particular exercise for bat wings got its name.

Slowly lower your upper body to the floor. Just make sure that your spine remains straight. While lowering your upper body, engage those muscles in your upper arms. Slowly raise your body back to the starting position.

Repeat 12 to 15 times, and do your best to do 2 to 3 sets each time.

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