What Happens to Your Body If You Don’t Exercise?

Just because you don’t want to have a whistle-bait figure doesn’t mean that you should not exercise at all. According to doctors, getting your regular dose of exercise is not only for burning excess calories and toning the muscles, but for attaining optimum health, too!

It’s for certain that there is a form of exercise perfect for everyone — it doesn’t even matter if you’re a male or a female, 17 or 65 years old, in the family way or breastfeeding a baby, super fit or not in a great shape. Here are some of the things that can happen if you don’t get any form of exercise at all:


Most especially if you love stuffing your face with foods that are loaded with fat and calories, not getting your regular dose of exercise can cause you to pack a lot of excess pounds. Being overweight or obese not only wreaks havoc on your self-confidence and self-esteem, but also your overall health.

High Blood Pressure

Not exercising at all can cause your heart to be inefficient at what it does, and that is pumping blood all over your body. You don’t want your heart to be bad at its job because it can cause all sorts of problems, such as high blood pressure. When your blood pressure is high, your entire cardiovascular system and many organs are in peril.

Increased Bad Cholesterol

According to doctors, another negative effect of not exercising is an increase in the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Exercising on a regular basis is scientifically proven to lower bad cholesterol by increasing good cholesterol — yes, there’s a good type of cholesterol!

Heart Disease

Increased blood pressure and bad cholesterol — these two are regarded as risk factors for heart disease. And because you can get both of them by not getting your regular dose of exercise, your heart can be in grave danger. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that heart disease is the number one killer on the planet!


Exercising on a regular basis is a great way to build and maintain muscles. If you refuse to exercise, then those muscles of yours can become weaker and weaker. In fact, they may actually shrink if you fail to use them by exercising and engaging in physical activities, according to experts.

High Levels of Stress

These days, everyone is prone to stress. So many activities for relieving stress are available, and perhaps one of the most effective of them all is exercising on a regularly basis. Besides, exercising is also an excellent way of counteracting some of the worst effects of high levels of stress, such as insomnia, obesity and heart disease.


Are you aware that getting your dose of exercise causes your brain to be flooded with happy hormones? Just like what their name suggests, happy hormones leave you feeling good. If you don’t exercise, it’s very much likely for you to end up depressed as well as anxious, moody, irritable and always angry.


Failure to exercise regularly may cause your bones to weaken, putting you at high risk of ending up with fractures when you are older. Doctors say that engaging in exercises that cause impact to the joints (walking, jogging, dancing, etc.) is a super effective way of reducing your risk of suffering from osteoporosis.

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