Should You Start Using a Sit-Stand Desk?

Most people assume that leading a sedentary lifestyle means sitting in front of the TV or lying in bed all night long. Actually, if you spend most of your waking hours slaving away behind an office desk you are also leading a sedentary lifestyle. If you are well-aware of the dangers of having very little or no physical activity and you want to dodge them, this article is for you — it will get you acquainted with what’s referred to as a sit-stand desk.

But before we get ourselves introduced to it as well as the many perks it’s known to bring, let us first focus on sitting.

Sitting for extended periods of the time can hurt your back. What’s more, it can cause your waistline to expand. It’s exactly for the ability of leading a sedentary lifestyle to make you gain weight especially around the midsection that makes sitting all the time a really dangerous matter.

According to health authorities, spending most of your waking hours with your buttocks glued onto a chair can put you at risk of the following:

  • Increased risk of being obese or overweight
  • Increased blood pressure and bad cholesterol
  • Increased risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke
  • Increased risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Increased risk of cancer

As you can see, your risk of ending up with some really serious health concerns is considerably increased if you spend a lot of your time sitting.

So what can you do in order to lower your risk of the above-mentioned problems while being a productive individual at the office? Increase the height of your desk with the help of a sit-stand desk that enables you to stand up from time to time while doing your everyday office undertakings!

Also sometimes referred to as height-adjustable desk or standing desk, it’s a trending piece of office furniture among health-conscious individuals of today.

Just like what its name says, it is a desk that lets you sit or stand as needed — its height is adjustable so that you may change your posture every now and then, thus saving you from having to sit from 9 to 5. Some sit-stand desks on the market have built-in chairs that swing out of the way each time their users intend to stand.

Clearly, the primary advantage of the use of a sit-stand desk is that it can save you from leading a sedentary lifestyle. By spending a few minutes standing up while carrying out your duties and responsibilities at work, you are keeping your waistline from expanding and your health from deteriorating.

Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing health benefits that you can enjoy from the use of a sit-stand desk:

Eliminated back pain

There’s something common among today’s office workers, and that’s they complain about back pain. The reason for such is quite obvious: they spend most of their time sitting. Especially when paired with bad posture, it’s not unlikely for the back to feel achy.

Lifted mood

One of the complications of leading a sedentary lifestyle that not a lot of people know about is anxiety and depression. Standing is a form of exercise and thus it helps increase the levels of happy hormones in the brain.

Reduced risk of gaining unwanted pounds

By standing up for several minutes at a time throughout the day, you are able to burn excess calories before they end up stored as fat.

Reduced risk of heart disease

The leading cause of deaths in the US and the rest of the planet is heart disease, and one of the risk factors of such deadly disease is leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Lowered type 2 diabetes risk

Failure to get your regular dose of exercise can cause your blood sugar to remain elevated, leading to the so-called insulin resistance. The problem with having insulin resistance is it paves the way for type 2 diabetes, which is an incurable disease with many serious complications if it’s poorly managed.

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