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Wonderful Medicinal Benefits of Water Plantain

Despite of what it’s called, water plantain is not in any way related to plantain that everybody knows — it’s a plant that belongs to an entirely different family. However, there is one thing that its name got right, and that’s that fact that it grows in water, particularly around the margins of streams and lakes, and also watery ditches.

This aquatic plant can be found in many parts of the planet, such as various parts of Asia and Europe and also certain areas of central and northern Africa. Many people believe that water plantain can also be found abundantly in the US, but most of the time they simply mistake other similar looking water plants for it.

Water plantain is also known by many other different names. Some of them include great water plantain, common water plantain, mad dog weed, thumb wort and devil’s spoons. It has fibrous roots and thick fleshy stems that are covered with whitish hair. Water plantain is also known to bear tiny white flowers and three-cornered fruits, too.

Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing medicinal properties of water plantain:

It Flushes Out Excess Water in the Body

Water plantain has diuretic abilities, which means that it can remove excess water in the body. It’s for this reason exactly why traditional healers often use if for dealing with edema. A lot of people who would like to lose water weight and fit into tight clothing sometimes take water plantain for instant yet temporary elimination of a couple of pounds.

It Treats UTIs and Dissolves Kidney Stones

Water plantain is also commonly used for accelerating the healing process of a urinary tract infection or UTI as it helps in flushing out bacteria trapped in the urinary system. In some instances, water plantain is given to those who have kidney stones — an increase in urine production can help dissolve them so that they may be excreted.

It May be Used for Controlling High Blood Pressure

Since water plantain is capable of eliminating too much water, it is sometimes recommended for hypertensive individuals. That’s because it can help in lowering high blood pressure by working in the same manner as most anti-hypertension medications. However, those who are already taking blood pressure-lowering drugs should avoid water plantain.

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It Helps Lower Risk of Infections

Traditional healers usually give herbal preparations with water plantain to those whose immune systems are weakened. It works by assisting the body in getting rid of invading bacteria that can cause all sorts of diseases. Water plantain may also be used for keeping minor cuts and burns from becoming infected, which can delay healing.

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It Optimizes Functioning of the Digestive System

Water plantain is usually consumed in the form of tea for dealing with an assortment of problems concerning the digestive system. For instance, it is popularly known as a home remedy for indigestion and stomach flu. Those who are bugged by constipation, diarrhea, excess gas and abdominal distention may also take advantage of water plantain.

It Boosts Sex Drive and Deals With Sterility

An ability of water plantain is increasing body heat, and one of the results of such is boosted circulation to the genital area. This is known to lead to an increase in libido or sex drive. By the way, traditional healers also recommend water plantain, in particular the seeds of the said aquatic plant, in dealing with sterility.

CAUTION: Just like other herbs on the face of the planet, water plantain should be employed for medicinal or therapeutic purposes only under the direct supervision of an experienced herbalist. Make sure that you let your doctor know about your plan on taking water plantain if you have a medical condition, or you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

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