Wine Health Benefits

Wine is one of the famous alcohol beverages people know. Made from grapes of Vitis vinifera species, wine is fermented with some additions like water, sugars, acids, nutrients, and enzymes. As per many, wine tastes better while it lasts longer. The following are the health benefits and sample recipe for wine.

Health Benefits

Cardiovascular Health

One health benefit of drinking wine is the protection it gives to the heart and the blood vessels. According to Food and Wine, moderate drinkers with hypertension or high blood pressure are 30 percent or one-third percent less likely to have a heart attack, as opposed to those who do not drink wine. In addition, wine has tannins that contain procyadins, which defend the heart against heart diseases. As per a study at Queen Mary University in London, as cited by the publication, wines from southwest France and Sardinia contain more procyanidins than other wines. Moreover, wine helps reduce the risk of stroke or cerebrovascular accident, a condition in which blood supply in the brain is not enough. According to the publication, the probability of suffering a blood-clot associated stroke decreases by about half in people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol.


Another health benefit of drinking wine is decreasing the risk of depression. According to a study team from various Spain universities that published data, as cited by Medical News Today, men and women who drank two to seven glasses of wine per week less likely to be diagnosed with depression. The researchers obtained data on 2,683 men and 2,822 women aged 55 to 80 years over a seven-year time span. The research participants were asked to complete a food frequency questionnaire every year; the questionnaire included details on their alcohol consumption, in addition to their mental state.

Hepatic Health

While it is associated with alcoholic beverages,, wine also helps prevent liver disease. According to News Australia, drinking wine helps decrease one’s risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by half. As per research conducted by UC San Diego School of Medicine, beer and hard liquor drinkers had over quadruple the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, as opposed to wine drinkers. The publication still warned, however, that excessive alcohol intake or consumption can cause alcoholic fatty liver disease, which may adversely impact the liver’s ability to cleanse the body.

Sample Recipe

One recipe that uses wine as ingredient is Chicken Marsala. According to All Recipes, it is easy and ideal for both fast weeknight entree and serving to companies. As per the publication, the ingredients include half cup of Marsala wine, one-fourth cup of cooking sherry, one cup of sliced mushrooms, four tablespoons of olive oil, for tablespoons butter, half teaspoon salt, one-fourth cup of all-purpose flour for coating, one-fourth teaspoon of ground black pepper, half teaspoon dried oregano, and four skinless, boneless chicken breast halves (pounded one-fourth inch thick)

To prepare, the oregano, flour, salt, and pepper are mixed in a shallow dish or bowl. Next, the chicken pieces are coated in the flour mixture. After that, butter is melted in a large skillet over medium heat. Then, the chicken is placed in the pan and lightly browned. Once brown, the chicken pieces are turned over and the mushrooms are added. The wine is poured in, as well as the sherry. The skillet is covered and the chicken is simmered ten minutes, until the meat is no longer pink and the juices become clear.

Wine is considered nutritious; although it should still be consumed in moderation. It can be added to entrees, snacks, and desserts and served to families, friends, and workmates.




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