Why You Should Use Yacon Syrup as a SweetenerWhy You Should Use Yacon Syrup as a Sweetener

If you are constantly on the hunt for a new breed of weight loss supplement, then it’s very much likely that you have heard or read about yacon syrup. This article will get you introduced to some of the most important matters you need to know about this weight loss supplement that is gaining more and more momentum these days among weight watchers.

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Yacon syrup is not just a weight loss supplement, but also an alternative to refined sugar. Many of those who have already tried using it as a sweetener say that its taste is comparable to those of molasses and caramel. However, those with really sensitive taste buds say that yacon syrup boasts of a taste that’s all its own.

Actually, yacon syrup is a really popular sweetening ingredient in South America, most especially in Peru, Brazil and Bolivia — these are the places where the plant from which yacon syrup comes from is native to, and that is the yacon plant. It is the tuberous root of the yacon plant that yacon syrup specifically comes from.

It was when Dr. Oz talked about the weight loss benefits of yacon syrup that this South American gem truly became popular across the planet as a weight loss supplement.

However, there is more to yacon syrup than just being a sweet-tasting weight loss supplement — scientists say that it is one of the healthier forms of sweeteners across the planet. Because it is all-natural since it is obtained from plants, it won’t wreak havoc to one’s health just like most artificial sweeteners do, according to experts.

So whether you are trying to get rid of a few unwanted pounds or you just want to completely turn your back on refined sugar as well as artificial sweeteners, it’s a wonderful idea for you to get your hands on yacon syrup. Due to its popularity these days, you can easily find it at most health food stores, be it online or offline.

Here are some of the perks to enjoy for using yacon syrup as a sweetener:

It Helps Lower Blood Sugar

Are you a diabetic and that’s why you have to considerably limit your intake of refined sugar and even other forms of sweeteners out there? Then you will be glad to know that yacon syrup can help keep high blood sugar levels at bay, according to doctors. Go ahead and add some yacon syrup to your coffee or tea — there’s no need to feel guilty.

It Keeps Constipation From Happening

One of the most impressive things about yacon syrup is it contains fiber. This doesn’t really come as a shock since it comes from a root vegetable, and all root vegetables are packed with fiber. Including yacon syrup in the diet on a regular basis, according to experts, can help keep constipation at bay.

It May Lower Heart Disease Risk

Being rich in fiber, it is said that the use of yacon syrup as a replacement for refined sugar may help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and also keep high blood pressure in check, which then results in the lowering of heart disease risk. Another reason why yacon syrup is good for the ticker is the fact that it also promotes weight loss.

It Strengthens the Bones

Consuming yacon syrup as a sweetener may also fend off osteoporosis. That’s because it’s something that contains calcium, and we all know that calcium is important for keeping the bones strong. Experts add that yacon syrup’s antioxidant content helps protect the tissues of the joints from degenerating.

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