Why White Tea is Good for You

Tea drinking has been around for ages, but it has only recently gained popularity after health practitioners have discovered all the hidden benefits in tea. All the teas that we drink nowadays come from one source which is the Camilla Sinensis tea bush. The type that we drink such as black, green, or oolong depends on what happens once they were removed from the plant. Simply put, the type of tea that you are drinking depends mostly on the tea-making process.

The Making of White Tea

We are all familiar with black, oolong, peppermint, and the ever popular, green tea. But what about white tea? This tea actually came from the silvery-white hairs that are found on the unopened buds of the plant. White tea is made with minimal processing because once the immature leaves have been harvested, they are withered by solar-drying, air-drying, or mechanical drying even. What you’ll get afterwards is white tea.

Most people assume that white tea is going to be colorless or white, but it is actually pale yellow in color or slightly yellow. In terms of flavor, it has a mild taste compared to green and black tea which is refreshing as well. Others may see it as having a silky flavor to it.

Benefits of Drinking White Tea

Now that you know a little bit of white tea is all about, you’re probably wondering why you should add it to your list of teas to drink. Just like with the rest of the tea that are being sold today, white tea does offer plenty of health benefits to it. Here are a few that are worth taking note of:

Supports weight loss

Drinking tea has always been aligned with weight loss and it appears that drinking white tea has been found to have the same effects. White tea contains plenty of antioxidants that burn the fats that are clinging to your body. Adding this drink to your daily routine will help with your metabolic process.

Protection against heart disease

Another benefit that is linked to white tea is that it is useful for keeping your heart healthy. How is this possible? The catechins that are present in white tea provides protection to the heart against various heart problems from stroke, cardiac arrest, and the like.

Minimizes stain on teeth

Some people don’t really drink tea because they fear that the color will stain their teeth. Well, white tea will not stain your teeth because the color is lighter compared to green or black tea. Another reason why you should drink this tea is that it can prevent the presence of cavities or dental decay even. It is also believed that white tea can help with your diabetes because it can reduce the plasma glucose levels in your body while raising insulin secretion.

Safe for pregnancy

What else can you get from drinking white tea? It appears that this tea is also good for women who are pregnant because the antioxidants present in it can reduce or prevent oxidative damage during pregnancy.

Minimize inflammation

You should also drink white tea if you want to alleviate the inflammation in your body. The catechins that are present in white tea can help relieve you of chronic inflammation.

As you can see, there are many reasons why drinking white tea is good for you. From protecting you against heart disease, to reducing inflammation, to boosting your weight loss as well, white tea has numerous benefits that you are going to enjoy. No wonder it is one of the more popular drinks in many health and wellness circles too.

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