Why Eat Organic Produce?

With the growing interest in going green to help with the environment, the market for organic produce has skyrocketed over the past few years. However, there are some studies that show that organic products do not necessarily mean that they have more nutritional value which can be off putting to those who are looking to up their vitamin and mineral intake. But before you think of organic products being simply a fad, here are a few reasons why you should consider going for organic produce the next time you buy food for your family.

Organic food is good for the environment

Organic produce refers to those that have been grown without the use of pesticides and other chemicals be it plant-based or animal-based. Organic farmers make use of natural solutions to treat their crops meaning that these foods are not exposed to toxic chemicals that not only make their way into our body, but also into the soil that is used to grow these products. When you choose organic, not only will you be protecting yourself from being exposed to toxins, but you are also preventing more damage to the environment as well.

More antioxidants

Studies have shown the importance of having decent amounts of antioxidants in our body which we can typically get from whole foods like fruits and vegetables. By going organic with your diet, you are helping your body get the support it needs since organic produce has retained most of its nutritional value because of not being exposed to the dangers of pesticides and fertilizers. By consuming organic produce, not only are you ensuring that your body is absorbing a healthy dose of antioxidants, but you are also protecting your body from rapid deterioration.

Good for preventing diseases

The problem with the diet that we are following nowadays is that we are leaning towards fast food joints and take outs that are filled with carbohydrates, saturated fats, and other unhealthy ingredients that are doing more harm than good to our health. Since prevention is always better than finding a cure, switching to organic products that are high in nutritional content is a better idea because you are loading up on important nutrients that boost your immune system. This makes it easier for your body to combat any illnesses that may transfer to you.

They taste better

Another reason why you should eat organic is that they definitely taste better compared to your usual viands. This is because their mineral and sugar structures are retained since they are not exposed to toxic chemicals. If you compare organic fruits to those that are commercially farmed, you’ll find the former to have a more refreshing taste to them. This is why, if you are working with organic ingredients, you’ll find your meals to be more palatable with minimal use of salt and other seasonings.

Fewer pesticide contained in them

Compared to conventionally grown produce, organically raised produce have fewer pesticides in them. Although we can argue that organic products shouldn’t have any pesticides in them, there are some natural bug repellants that are used to help protect the crops from insects. When tested, researchers showed that there were minute traces in organic products which is much better compared to those that were regularly sprayed as the accumulation of chemicals can be absorbed into our system when we consume them. If you are still weighing your options on whether you should switch to organic or not, it is much better that you decide on the switch as your health will benefit from it.

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