Why Adding Dumbbells to Your Workout is Good for Your Health

We all want to have that toned physique as much as possible but spending money on pricey gym equipment may not be on everyone’s list of priorities. That being said, one of the cheapest equipment that you can score in sports shops is the dumbbell. The good news is that dumbbells do help with several areas of your health, but their efficacy depends on how you use them. You will find that dumbbells come in various weights such as lightweight to the heavier ones that are aimed to improve muscles.

What makes dumbbells worth adding to your workout routine? Here is a list of benefits that you can get from using these free weights.

Improves heart health

Working out with a pair of dumbbells can cause your heart rate to go up which actually strengthens your heart. If this is your first time to workout with this equipment, you should start at a relaxed pace first to help build up stamina. Use the lightweight dumbbells first for half an hour, then add more minutes every workout.

Helps build muscles

Lightweight dumbbells may be good for first timers, and once you are ready to start building muscles, increasing the weight of the dumbbells that you are using may help. Building up muscle mass means that more calories are burned the entire day. This is one of the reasons why the Centers for Disease Control suggests that you mix resistance training, to help build your muscles, along with cardio.

Enhances muscle endurance

Another benefit to using dumbbells in your workout is that they help boost your muscle endurance which can improve your athletic performance. Lifting weights and doing repetitive movements can actually help your muscles become stronger which is often used by athletes.

Aids in weight loss

What other benefits can you get out of using dumbbells? If you want to lose weight, using dumbbells as part of your aerobic workouts can boost the number of calories that you get to burn by elevating your heart rate.  When you do aerobic workouts, and lose weight in the process, you will also be able to reduce your risk of various health issues like coronary heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even stroke just to name a few. What’s great about using dumbbells as part of your weight loss routine is that it can also boost your muscle strength, improve your overall heart health, and muscular endurance.

Increases bone density

If you want to avoid getting injured or at least reduce your risk of having fractures, then adding dumbbell workouts to your routine is guaranteed to help out. Doing weight-bearing workouts have been found to boost bone density. This is especially helpful to seniors whose bones tend to lose their density. What’s good about dumbbells is that they can be lifted whether you are standing or sitting which make them quite versatile for everyone.

As you can see, dumbbells have plenty of benefits to offer those who are looking for a cheap way to start improving not just their weight, but their overall health as well. Dumbbells may look simple, but their portability and the range of exercises that you can do with them are among the reasons why many, beginners and pros alike often have them in their home.

If you want to start improving your overall health, but may not get to visit the gym on a daily basis, using dumbbells is worth trying out. You’ll be surprised on the levels of exercises that you can do with them that will help boost your heart, muscles, and your metabolism as well.

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