Nutrition Which Multivitamins are Good for Men and Women

Which Multivitamins are Good for Men and Women

Multivitamins are supplements that contain a variety of minerals, vitamins, as well as other nutrients that can support your overall health. Most people take advantage of vitamin supplementation to fill up the gaps in their diet, so that they will not end up missing out on critical nutrients. Multivitamins can come in a variety of types such as pill, powder, capsule, liquid, or even injectable depending on the type that you are going for.

The question now is, which multivitamins are perfect for both men and women? Here are a few options to consider for men and women:


Guys need several vitamins as well as minerals present in their health such as:

Vitamin A

Assists in maintaining eye health, enhances immune function, and boosts cell turnover.

Vitamin C

This vitamin provides a host of antioxidants to your body to combat free radicals while producing collagen to keep your skin firm and smooth. Vitamin C also provides protection against diseases and infection.


Another mineral that is critical to a guy’s health is magnesium which works as a cofactor for 300 enzymatic reactions. What’s more, they play a part in metabolism, brain health, as well as muscle contractions even.


Selenium should be a part of a man’s multivitamin supplement because it boosts male virility and fertility, reduces risk of problems with thyroid function, and even assists in cell turnover.


What about women? Do they need separate multivitamins? Well, the formulation for vitamins and minerals vary, but they do have similarities such as the following:

Vitamin A

Women need vitamin A to maintain glowing skin, while protecting them against illnesses as well as various infections. Vitamin A is necessary for healthy vision too.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is critical to collagen production that is needed for healthy hair as well as skin. It boosts immunity and protects you against cell damage.


Women need more calcium in their system since they are prone to bone damage because of osteoporosis especially when they are in their pre or menopausal stage.

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This particular vitamin is necessary for DNA replication to protect the fetus growing inside of you.

These are just a few examples of vitamins and minerals that should be present in men and women’s choice of supplements. Without them, they become susceptible to various illnesses especially when their diet lacks these important elements.

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