When to Post in Social Media Platforms

Social media has grown at an exponential rate over the years and brands are taking advantage of their multiple functions to raise awareness of their products through posts and connections. Writing good content, posting pictures, and making sure that your page or site is active can help you attract the right buyers. But if you want to maximize your page’s visibility in social media, timing is everything. The question now is when the best time is to post on your social media accounts. Although there is no exact time to post, because people tend to browse at random times, analysts have narrowed down the hours to get the most visits and visibility online. Let’s find out.


For those who are active on Facebook, the best time to post new content or share some photos on your page is during the hours of 1 to 4 in the afternoon, and 8 in the evening to 8:45. One reason behind this is that most people check their Facebook account during their breaks or when they are already at home and just resting. This means that during these hours, you will be able to reach as many users as possible. And if your content is worth reading, you may even get new likes too.


Even though Twitter has a character limit, millions are using this platform constantly, sharing their view points, following their favorite individuals, and so on. For companies, this site can also help reach more people to see their wares. If you are using this site, the best times to post here are between the hours of 12 to 3 in the afternoon and at 5 in the afternoon. Aside from 12 to 3 being break time for many, the 5 p.m. commute means that many will be taking to Twitter to get the latest update on what’s going on around them.


Saturday and Sunday are the best times to post on Pinterest since these are the only times when people have the luxury to go complete browsing mode in this site. If you want to maximize these times, make sure that your pins come in the correct size and that they are accompanied by cool looking graphics too. For sure, you’ll be catching a lot of users soon enough.


Although this social media platform is limited to smartphone devices, many appears to be hooked to it with over half of the population in the United States using it on a daily basis. If you want to engage others through what you are posting in your IG, do your uploads during off-work hours as more people will be online.

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