When is the Best Time to Drink Green Tea?

Green tea is considered as one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. It’s something that can be taken for a variety of purposes, such as reducing inflammation, protecting the brain, relaxing the body and promoting weight loss.

However, it’s not a perfect drink — it contains certain things that can cause adverse effects on people, like jitteriness and acid reflux. Experts say that green tea may even inhibit the absorption of certain nutrients.

This does not mean that just because green tea is not flawless you should steer clear of it. What’s important is you know the best time to consume green tea to maximize the pros and minimize the cons.

So when is the perfect time to consume green tea? Well, it depends on your reason for drinking this beverage. For you to know the right time to drink it, you should first identify the reason why green tea is a part of your diet.

In other words, the best time for drinking green tea for one person may not be the right time for you. Again, it all depends on the reason why you have decided to incorporate green tea consumption into your life.

For Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight and that’s why you have decided to regularly brew and drink a cup of green tea? Then the right time for you to consume it is an hour before you put on your running shoes or hit the local gym.

There are two things in green tea that can help boost the perks of exercise, and that’s caffeine and epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. Respectively, they speed up your metabolism and facilitate the synthesis of fat molecules.

If you have a sensitive stomach, then it’s not unlikely for you to experience acid reflux when you exercise after taking green tea. If you want, you may ask your doctor about taking weight loss supplements containing green tea extract.

For an Energy Boost

Cannot take coffee in the morning or any other time of the day because you are sensitive to its high caffeine content? Then it’s a good idea for you to take green tea instead, especially at the start of your day.

However, refrain from drinking a cup of green tea with an empty stomach most especially if you have acid reflux. If you do so, it’s very much likely for you to experience heartburn and other common acid reflux symptoms.

If you like to take advantage of green tea’s energy boosting properties, make sure that you take it with breakfast. But you can take it without eating anything if you do not have acid reflux or your stomach is not that sensitive.

For Fighting Free Radicals

Everyone knows that green tea is loaded with antioxidants that fight off free radicals. If your point of drinking green tea is to zap those free radicals, it’s a good idea to consume this healthy beverage between meals.

According to experts, certain food and beverages can actually prevent the body from absorbing some of the antioxidant content of green tea, and some of them include dairy products because of casein in them.

Here’s another reason why it is a good idea for you to consume green tea in between meals — experts say that green tea may actually inhibit the absorption of certain nutrients, such as iron and vitamin B1 or also known as thiamine.

For Reducing Stress

Are you taking green tea for stress reduction, most especially at the end of a long and tiring day in the office? Then feel free to have a cup of green tea as soon as you get back home and can start relaxing.

However, experts suggest for you to refrain from having green tea an hour before you hit the hay. Do take note that green tea has caffeine in it, although the amount is considerably lower than what’s found in a cup of coffee.

If you are really sensitive to caffeine, fret not because you can reduce the caffeine content of green tea. Such can be done by steeping green tea bag in hot water for a few minutes only or reducing the amount of green tea you drink.

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