What You Need to Know About the Enoki Mushrooms

If you are a fan of Japanese, Chinese, or even Korean cuisine, you’ve probably come across enoki mushrooms at one point. These mushrooms are these long stemmed mushrooms that grow in clusters and are quite delicious to eat. People nowadays are using these mushrooms in place of their regular noodles as they are low in carb content. It’s not surprising given that these mushrooms appear like thin strings when cooked. You can use these mushrooms in soups but you can eat them raw or in other dishes. They are worth experimenting on especially when you are following a keto diet.

So what are the benefits that you can get from this type of mushroom? Here are a few known benefits linked to enoki mushroom.

Protection against cancer

Enoki mushrooms have proflamin which has been found to be a strong anti-tumor agent. Eating this mushroom can help reduce your risk of getting cancer. What’s more, these mushrooms have antioxidants that are reduce oxidative stress as well as fight off any inflammation present in your body which can help protect you against cancer.

High in dietary fiber

Another benefit that you can reap from eating enoki mushrooms is that they have plenty of dietary fiber in them. Fiber is good for your digestion as it can keep your belly full for hours. What’s more, it keeps your bowels running smoothly so there won’t be any bloating, cramps, and other digestive problems to worry about.

Boosts immune system

What else can you get out of eating these mushrooms? Well, it appears that these mushrooms are actually useful when it comes to boosting your immune system.  This is because enoki mushrooms have anti-viral, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties that can protect you against various ailments. You will find that you are not getting sick so easily after adding enoki mushrooms to your diet.

Reduce gut fat

The conjugated linoleic acid present in these mushrooms can actually help fight off the fat forming in our gut. The high fiber content of this mushroom is helpful in keeping your calorie intake down to a reasonable number so you won’t be accumulating fats in all the wrong places of your body. This is a useful ingredient for those who want to lose weight because it fills their belly up faster plus it helps their digestive system to work efficiently.

Protects heart health

What else can you get from eating enoki mushrooms? There are studies that show that eating this mushroom can prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol which means that you are protected against the hardening of your arteries. This reduces your risk of cardiovascular problems in the long run.

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