What You Need to Know About Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is being bandied about in many health circles but what is it exactly? We all know that silver is a type of precious metal that is often used in jewelry, but did you know that it does have health benefits? It appears that colloidal silver can actually be used in treating a variety of ailments especially when used as part of holistic treatment. Sounds good? Well, here are a few benefits that are linked to colloidal silver.

Treat ear infections

Ear infections are hard to treat. Although doctors may prescribe medications to alleviate the discomfort, they may not be enough to get rid of the problem. Colloidal silver, on the other hand, can actually treat the bacteria that are found under the ear drum or on it. Using this to treat ear infections will give you better results in a few days.

Supports gut flora

Another benefit that you can get from colloidal silver is that it can actually help your digestion. This is because colloidal silver doesn’t harm the good bacteria that may be thriving inside your body. Regular antibiotics can strip the body of both the good and bad bacteria which can wreak havoc in your system. Colloidal silver will kill off bacteria without causing harm to the good.

Combats cold

It appears that colloidal silver can also help you deal with the common colds and its symptoms. This is because silver has anti-inflammatories that can treat coughs, sinuses, and other symptoms that are associated with colds. It works its magic from the nasal cavity all the way to the throat so that you will feel better in just a few days.

Cleans food

You can also use colloidal silver to clean the foods that you are eating from pesticides and other harmful bacteria. Mixing water, vinegar, and silver and then washing your food with it can actually make your ingredients healthier compared to before. You can never be too sure on what goes on your food which is why cleaning them can reduce your risk from suffering health problems.

Improves immune system

When one person gets sick in the office, there is a huge chance that everyone will get sick eventually. This is because of weakened immune system. Although taking vitamin C can help protect us, using colloidal silver can do the job too. Silver has the ability to enhance one’s immune system so that you are better protected and fully capable of fighting off infections. With the right dosage, you will find that it is easier to protect yourself against colds, cough, and other viral and bacterial infections.

Heal skin problems

Another benefit that you will love about colloidal silver is that you can use it also to treat skin problems like rashes, irritation, and the like. When you apply silver to the infected area, you will find that the skin patches up fairly quickly.

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