What is Sunflower Oil and Why Use Them?

Sunflower oil is often used in healthy cooking because it is a non-volatile type of oil that has been extracted from sunflower seeds. Aside from cooking, this oil is frequently used in cosmetic products because it acts as an emollient. But if you think that the use of sunflower oil is limited to these two, you might be surprised to find that it can also be used for your skin and your hair too.

What’s great about sunflower oil is that the linoleic acid present in it makes it a nutritious compound that can benefit us in several ways. Here are a few known benefits to using this oil.

Protects against arthritis

Sunflower oil has been found to be effective in preventing arthritis from happening. You can either apply it on your joints or use it in cooking to protect yourself against rheumatoid arthritis.

Reduces cholesterol levels

Another benefit that is associated with sunflower oil is that it can help reduce your high cholesterol levels because it contains both monounsaturated fats as well as polyunsatured fats that help bring balance to your LDL/HDL ratio. The presence of lecithin supports cholesterol reduction by adhering to your nerves as well as cell linings, to protect them from fats and cholesterol.

Treats acne

For those who are prone to acne breakouts, the use of sunflower oil on your skin is highly recommended. This is due to the fact that sunflower oil comes with vitamins A, D, C, as well as carotenoids that create a protective barrier on your skin. Since your skin has this protective barrier, it will be difficult for dirt, dust, and other debris from entering and obstructing your pores thus reducing inflammation. What’s more, the vitamins that are present in this oil also supports the regeneration of skin cells which helps you achieve a healthy and beautiful looking skin.

Increases moisture retention

Dealing with dry skin can be tough at times especially when you are using the wrong skin care product where, instead of moisturizing your skin, is actually making your condition worse. Since sunflower oil acts as an emollient, it helps your skin retain more moisture. Combine this with castor oil and you will be able to remove any impurities on your skin including dead skin cells too. You can use this combination as a cleanser too, and you don’t even have to apply moisturizer afterwards because the fatty acids as well as the vitamins present here are all capable of leaving your skin nourished and hydrated.

Tames fizzy hair

If your hair is frizzy, you might find that applying sunflower oil can be of good use. This is due to the fact that sunflower oil can make your hair soft to the touch and even get a nice sheen to it too. What’s more, sunflower seed oil can help tame your frizzy hair by conditioning it further, so your mane will not be dry and brittle to the touch.

Improves skin condition

Another plus to using sunflower oil is that it is high in vitamin E content compared to shea butter or even almond oil. We all know that vitamin E is useful when it comes to protecting the skin against the harsh rays of the sun. When you apply sunflower oil on your skin, you are improving its overall appearance by reducing scars and keeping wrinkles at bay too.

As you can see, sunflower oil is not limited to your kitchen because it is actually good for your skin and hair too. It is an impressive versatile oil that you might want to invest on.

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